Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Abundant Mother
The Abundant Mother - Mixed media collage - Painter IX

When I started up my new blog Caro's Tarot I said I wanted to make my own tarot cards but still wasn't sure how to organise them. Tinker commented and mentioned Soul Collage. I immediately ordered the book. It arrived yesterday and this is my first card inspired by it and also continuing the theme of Abundance. I'll post more about this card and its meaning on Caro's Tarot tomorrow.

Meanwhile Happy New Year to you all!

Update: I have posted twice on the other blog - now called Caro's Cards but with the same web address:


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,Really like the image, wishing you an abundant year!

andrea said...

I just checked out your new blog and a couple of the soul tarot sites. Wow -- what fun. How come I got the Crone, though? Are they trying to tell me something? :)

Happy New Year, Caroline. Hope you have all good things in 2007. Well, maybe a couple of bad so you will enjoy the good all the more! :)

isay said...

Happy New Year Caroline! This is a beautiful painting-I like the colors and texture. oh I can't wait to read the meaning of it.

Caroline said...

Jo - thank you very much - sorry I've not been over to visit you yet and you've commented twice - I'll correct that asap!

Andrea - please take back those bad things - we've got a leak in our bay window and really don't need more problems thank you! As for Crone - I've not seen that one what did it say? Yes I think the soul tarot sites are inspiring - its good to find people making images with these motivations isn't it?

Isay - thank you - I'll get writing soon!

Anonymous said...

This collage reminds me of the Guru...but then again my mind has been constantly reminded of the Guru ever since you posted him/her.
Hope you have a great New Year!

Caroline said...

Joy Eliz - I wonder why the Guru has such a strong message for you - have you been able to work it out?

steve said...

Wow, you really were inspired here Caroline! Happy New Year to you!

Caroline said...

Thanks Steve!

Tinker said...

The Abundant Mother has such lovely lines and earthy colors. She's beautiful.
Wishing you a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year, Caroline! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline,

Your word play on my blog made me laugh out loud. It was so unexpected. Thanks for that.

This is a beautiful image. I feel peaceful just looking at it. I love Soul Collage. The first time I did it was with that healer that I visited. The thing I loved was this: she emphasizes process over product. We worked in silence, and then stopped to meditate or pray every once in a while. I find it very powerful. Enjoy the challenge. I wish you many discoveries.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful image Caroline, it has great strength and warmth! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks Tinker! You too xxx

Potato Print - I'm so glad - its so hard to tell whether humour comes across when written! So you've just recently found Soul Collage too - isn't that great!

Anonymous - thank you and to you too!

Anonymous said...

excellent collage, caroline.

well i tried the soul collage and didn't know where the reading was! then I saw the bit which said it's DIY... i'm not very good at this.

no.54 - i thought this was a fakir and i'm a faker. okay, it turned out to be lightbearer and it means i travel with a light load.

no.339 - this reminded me of maurice chavalier, tank eaven for leetle gurls... i was a tad shocked by this then i recalled the next lines and felt it meant i like women! it did turn out to be happy child
and that's me!

no.144 - i thought about fear and loathing though i've never even been to las vegas - i don't like gambling so i guess that's right. it was actually called fear and anger.

no.275 - i took this to be caring for the planet. it's called children's fire, but the description below was spot on!

happy new year, caroline.

Tony LaRocca said...

I tried making my own deck but they wound up looking too cartoony. Very cool, though. Have a happy one!

Caroline said...

Ian - you are Magic Ian - that's how Jim reads the Magician in the tarot... I'll blog it when I come to do that card. I've not seen most of the cards you got but they sound as though they came up well for you - its a fun way to play.

Tony - I'd love to see your cartoony deck! Thanks, you too.

Anonymous said...
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