Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mountain Love

Deer Jim

This is one of the pieces I made inspired by Mary Ann's Stencilry class - she'll be running another in July. And Stencilry 2 sometime in the summer too. I can't wait!

This has been such a fun class - Mary Ann exudes enthusiasm and encourages one to play - keep going, never mind you've made a mistake, it'll probably be fine... you can always paint over it... etc. My only problem was that my computer is so old I had to borrow Jim's laptop to be able to see the videos properly... guess that means I need a computer....

The above uses stencils and masks based on a couple of photos from Jim's mountain adventures in Scotland. I also ad libbed with some torn paper to make more mountains...

Jim's not been to Scotland this year but we did spend a week in Dartmoor and Teasel went up several tors - here's one that I went up too:

Teasel and Jim bagging a Tor Top

Though as I didn't actually go to the very top of the rocky bit Jim doesn't count it as properly bagged by me... I consider having got myself up as far as I did quite sufficient! Teasel clearly had the same urge as Jim to reach the absolute top.

Does the rock they are standing on look like a TORtoise to you?