Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Review of Abundance

A mixed media collage - final assembly and further processing in Painter IX

This week was called Abundance which was a wonderful co-incidence with Christmas time with its custom of feasting and that of the giving and receiving of presents.

Most of my art this week was the art of arranging decorations on mantelpieces and general putting up of decorations and making the main rooms as lovely as possible.

Therefore most of this week's picture reflects Christmas directly.

I added in slices of watermelon as a natural symbol of abundance that happens to have good Christmas colours.

It is the last week in which I've followed the Artist's Way as given in the book. The next three weeks will retain their titles of Connection, Strength and Compassion but the focus for each will change; I'll be doing exercises from other sources. I will continue to do my morning pages and doodles and noting synchronicities. Also I will continue to review the week on Tuesday and open the next theme on Wednesday.

Its been great redoing the first 6 weeks of the Artist's Way and I've a good feel for where I need to go next.

I may not get to do my posting for Connection until the weekend as we've guests and I may not get to blog until after they've all gone; its hard enough finding time to do morning pages!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like the water melons. Did Santa Claus bring you a Canon Ixus?

Anonymous said...

Lovely combination! I adore your new watermelon bobbles!

Anonymous said...

I've been finding it really interesting watching the artists way that you are following, I'm tempted to have a go but I know I'm going to be really busy after Christmas, starting a new course, but the right time will come, till then I'm going to carry on watching, I really like to be awakened to symbolism too and I've always liked the colours of watermelons!

Anonymous said...

Caroline, just wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, as filled with abundance as your collage and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline,

We visited with each other a few times this year and then lost touch. I found you again on Melba's comment space. I'm just amazed at the energy that emanates from your blog. I am a very visual person, so the images speak to me about five times as loud as the words.

Thank you so much for introducing Sophie's tarot. I tried making my own deck this year, but the perfectionist demon stopped me from finishing. Hers are so light-hearted and just delightful.

Also, I'm enjoying your thoughts on a second trip through The Artist's Way.

andrea said...

Love the watermelon slices. You should've added some kiwi fruit, too! :) I hope your guests haven't exhausted you too much. Happy New Year, Caroline & Jim!

isay said...

Happy New Year to you dear CAroline!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline,

I whish you an Happy New Year with much love,happiness and good creations!
Best whishes!

Caroline said...

Melba - thank you for all your inspiration too - 2006 was for me the year I started doing my form of mixed media collages inspired by you - thank you again!

Davem - Father Christmas is waiting for the sales !!!

Cream - thanks - it was fun and we even found a real watermelon after I did this so could taste it too!

Jo - hi there! - its worth doing the artist's way - getting the timing right is also important - but don't put it off forever - how about scheduling the first week so you know when it will start even if you find that won't be until March.

Tinker - thank you and I trust you got my messages to you too

Potato Print - I took time out from blogging over the summer but I'm back and re-invigorated now (though I do feel a touch tired after all this celebrating!) I hope we now find our orbits once more in synch

Andrea - I didn't think of kiwi fruit or I would! A bit tired thank you but nothing a year's worth of sleep before the next Christmas won't sort out! Thanks!

Isay - and to you dear Isay!

Marc - what a surprise - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Caroline, thanks for your comment on my blog, thought I'd check out yours ;> And what a treat!!! I adore this collage, beautiful. I'm also impressed that you not only finished Artists Way the first time, but that you're also revisiting it. I got as far as week 8 before life took over; so far, despite repeated attempts to continue, I haven't managed to.

Hopefully this year I will ;>

Caroline said...

Linda - thank you!

Maybe the last four weeks would need a rewrite to apply properly to you - it might just not fit you well enough!