Friday, December 15, 2006

IF - Help & 5 to give away

Illustration Friday - Help
A sketch in Painter IX of someone dressed to help raise money for the RNLI. She'd heard boat collars were in.

She may need fashion help. They need financial help to keep them afloat so they can help those in distress around these shores.

Update: RNLI stands for Royal National Lifeboat Institution - they go out to help people in distress in the seas around Britain.

Somehow I squeaked in and am one of Andrea's 5
I therefore have been busy making collages today in order to be sure I can provide 5 works before I formally make my offer:

"The first five people to respond to this post (via the comments section or directly by email) will get some form of art made by me. The only catch, of course, as with most memes, if you sign up then you have to put this in your own blog as well."

In other words, if you are willing to give away 5 of your works and would like one of my non-digital collages - please say so in the comments and email me your address.

caroslines (at) energy (dot) f9 (dot) co (dot) uk

I'm not sure anyone will want any of my work... I'll post pictures of the actual pieces tomorrow.


carla said...

Hi Caroline! I've been a bit missing in action for a while... and I did want to stop by and see what fun stuff you've been up to. I love your new avatar (well, new to me, anyway:>), and this drawing is full of great energy and humor. I like your take on the boat collar:> As I probably won't have time to make five pieces of art to give away (even though it would be a treat to have something of yours), just call this a "regular," non-meme visit...I'll be number zero.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo - did I make it in time? I'd love to have a piece of your art - though I doubt there are 5 people that would want mine, lol.

Love the boat collar!

Caroline said...

Carla - hello - I understand how it is - afterall I took the whole summer off when I thought it would only be 2 weeks! Glad you liked my joke!

Tinker - Looks like you'll be getting all 5 at the moment - tee hee!

andrea said...

I had to really comb the site to find out what RNLI stands for! Hilarious drawing and an excellent take on HELP.

Caroline said...

Andrea - ah perhaps I'd better put in an explanation... I hadn't thought of that - and thanks!

Johnnynorms said...

I would love a Caroline artwork if doodles & drawings are acceptable currency! It would be probably be old things pulled out of one of my many envelopes, quite small, b & w.

Caroline said...

Johnnynorms - you are wonderful! Of course you can offer doodles and drawings... I hope you get some joyful takers!

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

How interesting that I should come to this post about boats and getting financial this very moment...well...two moments ago before I took this break...I was editing my manuscript, and I've reached the part about boats and people here needing help when we had the flood.

valerie walsh said...

Boat collars! I love it!

Caroline said...

GG - sounds like a little synchronicity - love them as always!

Valgalart - thanks!

Tony LaRocca said...

I think the guys in the lifeboat are making off with the head of the statue!

Caroline said...

Tony - that's an interesting way of seeing it - I like it!