Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday Postcard - Circles & Other Challenges

Hello dear blog - long time, no see...

Over the last two years or so I've been mostly working in art journals and keeping what I've done private. Now it feels like time to come out of my shell once more and share a little...

In the last week I've made my first ever YouTube videos - these first three are all in response to challenges set by others.

Pick-a-Stick Challenge - January 2017 #PASC0117

The idea of the challenge is that each month 10 sticks are pulled from a bunch - each includes a suggestion for how to work on an art journal page. There is also a wild card which one can choose to use instead of any one of the other sticks.

If you would like to join in there is a FaceBook group set up to host the challenge. 

My video is here.

Mission Inspiration - January 2017

Similarly a challenge with specified steps, though this time also a suggested colour palette and some words to suggest a theme.

The FaceBook group is here.

My video response is here.

Sunday Postcard Art

The third video is an experiment in time lapse using the app Lapse It. This challenge is set via a blog - Sunday Postcard Art. It was set by one of the YouTubers I've been following recently - Jopke.

My video (all 21 seconds of it) is here.  

I used a couple of sheets of watercolour paper that I had previously painted to doodle on - one of which did indeed have doodles on. I cut circles out of both then added swapped them around.

Most of my journalling is done using watercolours and collage. I buy all my watercolours from Jacksons so I'm glad to see they have an offer on at the moment! (Only until 7 Feb 2017).

If you have never shopped with them before you can also take advantage of an additional 10% off whatever you buy by going via this link: First Time Shopper.

Please let me know if this works for you!