Friday, December 22, 2006

IF - Peace

IF - Peace
Peace Tree for Illustration Friday.

Painter IX

I was sitting wondering what to do for today's Illustration Friday theme of Peace.

I'd pulled a card from The Shining Tribe Tarot - the Gift of Trees - which somewhat inspired the image. But I didn't think the meaning that went with the card was specific enough though I liked the idea of Peace being depicted as a tree of knowledge and also the natural world's gifts to us.

Then Jim came in and without asking what I was doing picked up our EcoFluxx cards and said - could you do a tarot reading with these?

So we gave them a shuffle.

I picked - Share the Wealth.

That seemed to me like a rather good meaning for the Peace card upright.

If we were all to share the wealth there would be a lot more chance of peace wouldn't there?

Then Jim picked - Extinction. Which is rather a stark warning isn't it?
The opposite of Peace may well be Extinction.

Seemed like an excellent meaning for the card reversed.

If you haven't played Fluxx or EcoFluxx I can recommend them, many of our friends have enjoyed them too maybe a 90% hit rate. They are games that work well for children who are able to read well and follow rules and for adults - one of the best games we've shared with my nephews!

There is also Family Fluxx but we haven't tried that - yet.

We are happy to play these games without the excuse of children or visitors as they work well for two players as well as for more.

Of course playing games doesn't lead to peace unless you can all cope with not being the winner when you aren't!

Wishing you plenty of peace this Christmas!


Johnnynorms said...

That looks a very peace imbuing/inducing tree Caroline. Funny I was helping clear trees and scrub the other day to help in preservation of WW2 blast pens - that sounds back to front conservation doesn't it! Hope I don't get visit from a less peaceful vengeful tree.

Fluxx more peaceful than the average game of Monopoly?

Caroline said...

Johnnynorms - that does sound a funny way round... but then maybe remembering the destruction of WW2 is part of whats needed.

Fluxx is far more uproarious and silly than Monopoly.

andrea said...

This illiustration reminds me of the saying that religions are just different branches on the same tree. Excellent idea.

isay said...

i like the texture of what seems to be the wings. and so i thought she is full of peace and even radiating it for the others may begin to feel it and begin to spread their wings. do i make sense? lovely colors caroline!

have a nice holiday!

Caroline said...

Andrea - that's a great way to look at religions! Thank you.

Isay - I did enjoy doing the wings I'm glad you appreciate them in all senses - yes you made lots of sense! I do hope peace is given an opportunity to radiate to everyone - wouldn't that be wonderful!

valerie walsh said...

Your tree is beautiful and peaceful because your spirit shines through in all that you do. Have a beautiful holiday!

Janet said...

Wishin' you a peaceful Merry Christmas, too! Maybe we'll try Fluxx. We were trying to find something new today, but came home empty handed.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Merry Christmas to you and Jim and all the artworks that must crowd your home.

A good thing about trees is that if a limb gets lopped off, more limbs spring out.

Caroline said...

Valgalart - thank you - what a lovely thought!

Janet - Oh you too - I hope you find something fun!

Reluctant Nomad - thank you - strangely my artworks tend to be rather absent - that's something that needs to be remedied!

carla said...

Fascinating about the reading you and Jim did. I love your peaceful groweing person tree glowing with light and decorations. It says harmony to me. I hope your holiday is full of peace and harmony!

Anonymous said...

I love the drawing at the top! The lines give it so much depth. The card games seem interesting. We're always looking for more games to play at get togethers!
Peace to you and yours :)

Caroline said...

Carla - thank you - readings like that done spontaneously can be amazing! Glad I've managed to picture peace - thank you!

Studio Lolo - Thank you - I hope you find a game that is fun!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and family Caroline ... and a Peaceful day :)

PS: It's SNOWING in Australia!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Peace Tree is lovely. I like the lines - they make me think of the tree rings as fingerprints (which tree rings sort of are fingerprints for trees, now that I think about it).
Haven't heard of Fluxx, but it looks and sounds interesting.
Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas, Caroline!

merlinprincesse said...

I wish to you and your family the most peaceful Christmas and year 2007 ever! :) Always love what you have to say! :)

Tony LaRocca said...

May His Noodly Appendage be with you :)

Caroline said...

I did read all these comments during the holidays and appreciated them - thank you!
I just forgot to reply sooner - sorry!

Thank you for your good wishes and I hope the snow was just for Christmas Anonymous

Tinker - Fluxx is fun if you like silly card games - we do!

MerlinPrincess - thank you - and you are too kind!

Tony Larocca - and with noodles to you too!