Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yin-Yang, Light and the Moon

Yin-Yang + Turquoise Light

I seem to have difficulty keeping my blog up-to-date in the summer... you can see from my archives that it is a repeating cycle... yet in the winter its much easier. So this may, or may not, be a post that will have to stand alone for a while... At least I've a few photos (mine and others) to decorate it with.

To see all the coloured lights I caught with the yin-yang light catcher (in a friend's house) see this flickr slideshow

Another photo I've taken recently is of the Paddington Bear statue at Paddington station:

In fact I took it last night... I managed to miss my train by just 2 minutes... luckily other people also seemed to have problems on the tube and I was allowed to use my ticket that was meant to be just for the 8pm train on the next one at 8.45.

Tonight, or rather, early this morning there will be a full eclipse visible from the Pacific Ocean.

Have you ever wondered what the moon looks like on its far side? Jim did and found this on wikipedia:

Isn't it cratered and craggy! So different from the view we get (also from wikipedia):

If you are lucky enough to be able to see the eclipse either partially or totally I hope the clouds stay away for you.