Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Squart

Christmas squart

A Christmas squart inspired by Ian. Painter IX

Today I went to some more camera shops. This time looking specifically at Canon IXUSes as recommended by Davem and Ian (same person as above but this link is to a photoblog). I like the idea of this one:

If anyone has specific experience of the Canon IXUS 850IS Digital Camera (7.1MP, 3.8x optical zoom) I'd love to hear about it - its meant to be relatively wide-angle with an equivalent of 28mm at its wide end and going up to 105mm at its telephoto end.

I think they are called Canon PowerShot SD800 IS in the US.

I'd particularly like to know how well it stands damp conditions - Jim might want to use it when he's walking in Scotland.


andrea said...

Suqart is a great word. I may just have to ... squart!

Tony LaRocca said...

Squart. Squart squart squart squart! "Hang on, I have to take a squart!" That's my new word! Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

Caroline said...

Andrea & Tony - yes Squart is a great word - I assume Ian made it up!

Dave said...

Try this site for camera reviews.

Anonymous said...

Looks like water in the process of turning into ice! Beautiful!

Hahaha: Word Verif: jgn glow

Caroline said...

Thanks Cream - maybe its the heart of a snowman being formed?

Anonymous said...

my wife has the ixus 800 model, very good! (i've got an old 400). i think they go under the name of Elph in some parts of the world.

great squart!