Thursday, November 16, 2006


I just spotted this floating in the sunset - by the time I'd got my camera out it was against darker clouds. I don't have a long enough lens to really get close to things this small / far away. I assume it was a balloon - it was moving quickly in the wind.
Flicker enlarged it to this for the thumbnail view:
And I had a go at enlarging and enhancing it in Painter IX and got this:

Perhaps even more amazing than this odd object is that this is my 3rd posting today!

I think it may have been a ballon in the shape of a cat - what do you think it was?


Ian russell said...

the luckless moonster.

there was a guy on the radio earlier, his job was head of HM UFO SIGHTINGS CORROBERATIONS OFFICE (or something like that). he said he didn't ask for the job at the start as he was very sceptical but after doing it for years he started to believe in the possibility of alien contact.

Caroline said...

Seriously? You know that is one of the things I've never gotten round to considering except in a reading SF sort of way...

Ian russell said...

seriously! it was on BBC4 PM - i'll check the website tomorrow. I imagine he had a book out or something - you know those retired civil servant types cashing in on their memoires. :o)

Anonymous said...

It's obvious - it's the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Caroline said...

Ian - thanks for spotting today's radio synchronicity for me - I wasn't listening this time.

Kyknoord - I think you might be right.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

A sea turtle!!

My mother swears see saw a UFO once, in the countryside, in the 60's. She called everybody and they saw it too.

So Caro, you never know...

Johnnynorms said...

I started this doodle, it was sitting on the desk next to an open window, then suddenly whooooosh, and it had gone...

Hmmm - which is more likely - it's a UFO or it's exactly what it looks like: an airborne three-legged headless sheep?

Perhaps it should go on Camel Exchange!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If it was cat balloon, I think it's tail must have popped! Actually, it looks a little dog-like to me.

I heard a radio program here in the states where they interviewed the gentleman Ian mentioned. It was pretty interesting.

I thought I did see a UFO once, years ago, (so did other people at the time, the incident was actually was in the paper) but it didn't have any visible appendages *_*

(I think now, that it may have been some sort of experimental aircraft - but at the time it was definitely a strange experience!)

Mike said...

Just another cow jumping over the moon... ;)

isay said...

i think it is an alien trying to copy the first thing it could see which is a sea turtle only to know that it was so slow.

i like stories about UFO's. interesting comments-i might check out the websites, too.

Caroline said...

GG - you see a sea turtle - that's turtly strange. I've met people who have sworn they've seen UFOs and its changed their lives. And I know you never know, but as I haven't seen one (except in dream), and my philosophy is to just go by what I experience and not believe things I'll wait until it happens to me.

JN - aha - it was flying at quick a pace - I wonder where it was going - if you'd like to play it with just do!

Anonymous - what is hellcat doing flying over Bristol?

Tinker - the tail is just tucked backwards in an odd perspective!
Have you blogged about your UFO?

MV - which would explain why all my dishes and spoons have fun away

Isay - I think you might be a bit disappointed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster site..

Ian russell said...

Caroline, I've gone to the BBC PM webpage but there's only some listeners' emails on the subject.

But I did find this interview with Nick Pope which claims to be a recording of the piece on last friday's PM. Unfortunately, I can't play it here at work so have no way of verifying its truth or quality. ;o)

Nick Pope was working many years for the MoD as head of UFO sightings and analysis.

Caroline said...

Ian this link certainly works! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

a flying turtle?
cool piece.