Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life's ups and downs


Going with the flow. Riding the wave.

This morning's doodle looks like a very cheerful boat able to ride even stormy seas.

And having just spotted this exercise at Steve's Go Flying Turtle I've made more faces:


steve said...

Wow Caroline! This is so beautiful! I love the simplicity of the line work in the faces and the softness of the colors--almost textural. Thanks for the shout out and thaks for posting this. It's always a pleasure seeing what you create.

Caroline said...

Thanks Steve - it was fun to do - I wish you'd been one of my art teachers when I was a child!

Oh and very spookily for me word veri has embedded the name of one of my old art teachers in it... how did they ever find out about Mr Cox? He was the best of my actual art teachers.


Anonymous said...

I like these. The ship is so happy and whimsical. I'd like to have a try at trying the faces project, it looks like fun.

Caroline said...

Thanks Tinker - I'm glad someone likes my little ship - I posted too much yesterday for most people to notice... and yes the faces exercise is great I've done more though I'm not posting them.

Patry Francis said...

Here via tinker. These are stunning!

Caroline said...

Thanks Patry!