Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week 2 - Identity


I'm calling this doodle Painter and it was done in Painter IX

Following in Tinker's footsteps here are 10 Random Things
  1. This week is called Identity. I wonder who I'll decide I am.
  2. Its the North Bristol Art Trail this weekend. One of the open evenings is in our road.
  3. On Sunday, Jim and I were out because it was such a gorgeous day and I noticed at the top of the park something glinting in the sun. Although we'd not planned to go that way we went to find out what it was gleaming. This is what we found:
    Art in the Park 1
    Art in the Park 2
    A whole load of children's pictures laminated and tied to the railings plus an advert for the North Bristol Art Trail. This year I was bound to find out about it!
  4. There was another angel reference on the radio today (Wednesday's Afternoon Play called Forever Mine). This time it was a play about life after death and the angel featured strongly.
  5. We are having a new boiler fitted soon, I booked it today. We are expecting it in the week commencing December 11th - which is in the middle of the section I've called Fire (and in either the week called Integrity or Possibility). But at least ought to be operational before Christmas!
  6. Jim is going to a talk on avalanches tonight. He's never been in one but thought it would be worth knowing about them "just in case".
  7. I'm having trouble being random.... which is odd because I can be quite random when asked not to be. I've wondered for sometime if I have a built in contrariness filter. And its hard to work around it on purpose (for instance by asking myself to list 10 things that are on my mind right now) as I know thats what I'm doing.
  8. I had a dream where I was a cleaner in a large business building. I'd been sacked and was preparing to wreck havoc!
  9. I've got to rush its almost 6pm and I've scheduled some drawing for an hour starting then.
  10. When I was little I had a toy that was made out of plastic clowns whose feet slotted into each other shoulders. I had difficulty saying shoulders and called these my soldiers.


steve said...

What a joy to see Caroline--lucky! Glad you snapped some pics to share with us here. Love your top piece as well--reminds me of a stained glass window almost. I really need to get you linked at my blog here soon.

isay said...

i wander what you have drawn at 6 pm. i guess you will share it with us again tomorrow. i like your doodle and i can see a woman full of love and generosity, too.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Children's art...Picasso said he spent years trying to draw like a child.

Have you decided on your Identity? I was thinking about identity mixed up mine is, yet I feel so very, very East Indian...whatever that is!!!

Caroline said...

Steve - the children's art was very inspiring - I'm planning on doing some pieces based on it this week! I've worked in stained glass and loved it - one of my dreams is to have a stained glass workshop - I've tried to do it at home but it is really messy! I'd love you to link to me. I used to link to you amongst others but my list got all out of date and I haven't sorted it yet so I just commented it out... maybe I should get that together again soon... I'd prefer to do a pictorial version really... I wonder if I could work out how to do that

Isay - I'm not showing! One of the permissions I've given myself is not to show everything... and I wouldn't have mentioned I was doing it if I wasn't having so much trouble coming up with 10 things! I love that you see a generous and loving woman in my doodle - thank you so much.

GG - children often produce wonderful stuff - its a shame so many put it away as they grow and say they are not able to draw or whatever... one of the few paintings I wish I'd been able to buy (it wasn't for sale) was a child's painting of a lion with a really happy smile!

I've been thinking about identity and what it means... I hadn't even thought about whether it included Englishness... hmm... you've added something else in to the mix!

And word veri is: ggwuowa

Anonymous said...

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Last week, before going to sleep, I began asking myself a lot of WHAT IF questions.

The central theme behind my thoughts were neither anti-war or pro-religion. My ideas are not meant to inspire flag-burning or protest signs.

Basically, unless someone and everyone start talking about Peace...

Even if it's just for two short minutes...

It's possible that an unstoppable firestorm of hatred may one day burn its way across our entire planet.

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