Monday, November 20, 2006


Golden Butterfly
This is a butterfly shape cut out of a magazine and then reflected on itself in Painter IX.

Yesterday Kat had a painting of a tree of butterflies it recalled to me that last month on one day I'd spotted what at first I'd thought was a butterfly and then realised was a leaf, and on the next I'd seen a leaf floating in the wind that turned out to be a butterfly. Seeing Kat's picture made me realise that I needed to work more with the idea of butterflies. I've seen lots of collage artists putting wings onto people, often using butterfly wings, and they produce some very beautiful results; but I've never felt inclined to do any myself before.

Maybe this is why:

Madam Butterfly


Anonymous said...

What an intriging metamorphosis from magazine model to butterfly!

The second butterfly is rather interesting too (I love her earthy coloration), though the boots may make it difficult to become airborne.

Caroline said...

Tinker - thanks - I had lots of fun doing these - I think the message for me is that metamorphosis can indeed be fun!

I couldn't wear boots like that so it was a bit mean of me to lumber her with them... but I bet she can slip them off if she wants to fly!

isay said...

they are both interesting! i like butterflies, too!

Caroline said...

Melba - I agree - the bottom picture surprised me too - who knew what a lot of attitude could be summed up in a butterfly!

Isay - thank you - me too.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

This is good, real good...morphology.

I had a giggle at Madam Butterly with her boots, sassy expression and hands akimbo!

This reminds me of a story I wrote, I might share it one day.

Caroline said...

GG - I'm glad you found her funny - I've been laughing at her ever since she emerged from her cocoon!

I'd like to read your story - please!

steve said...

Oh wow--these are riduculously cool!! The creativity here never ceases to amaze me Caroline.

Caroline said...

Thanks Steve!

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Oh gosh Caro, it's such a long tale, and it's written in English, not my regular Guyanese-Creolese. eek, I'm too shy to share it, eek.

Caroline said...

GG - that's okay - no pressure!