Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Art Escapes

Sticky Stuff Remover -

A digital painting of Sticky Stuff Remover (which is fantastic for removing those annoying sticky spots left by stuck-on price tags).

Today a birthday present to myself turned up from Amazon:
Art Escapes: Daily Exercises and Inspirations for Discovering Greater Creativity and Artistic Confidence
The above colourful picture is the first exercise I've done from it. But the most exciting thing I've found so far in it is the idea of making my own portfolio and kits (drawing, collage and water colour) for making my non-digital art more self-contained and portable. She suggests ways to make tailored cases from felt. If I do make some I'll blog them.

Whilst looking for some sketch books to buy on-line I happened upon this empty promise:
Wheatsheaf Art Shop terms and conditions include:
Delivery Schedule
We deliver your order right away. We will normally send your order to you in business days . International orders are generally received in under days.

So that'll be some days will it?

My current sketch book journal has pages which are fine for drawing on with pen or pencil but too thin for damp media - the author of Art Escapes, Dory Kanter, likes 9" x12" spiral-bound Aquabee sketchbooks but they don't seem to be available here in the UK.

Do you have any suggestions?

Update: I forgot to mention that the bright colour scheme above was inspired by the bright citrusy smell of the sticky stuff remover.


andrea said...

Moleskine, which are available everywhere (aren't they?) have watercolour sketchbooks.

Maybe you will share some of the exercises from your new book with the results. This is a good start. The colours are eye-popping: '60s pop artish. I love the childlike quality.

Caroline said...

Hi Andrea - you have just posted into the future... by my reckoning its only 5.10pm... thanks for the idea... the only Moleskines I've seen have been a bit small for me...

Caroline said...

Melba - thanks!