Friday, November 17, 2006


This morning I've done lots and lots of morning doodles and my favourite is this one which is really pure scribble.

And now the post has arrived I've got some new pencils and blenders to play with:
New Supplies - Pencils and blenders
These are two propelling pencils with soft leads - 6B and B. From Studio Arts.


Reluctant Nomad said...

You've been so prolific of late that I've hardly been able to keep up with you. It's good to see that you are over your blogging hiatus of a few months back.

Your orange scribble has great synchronicity for me which will all be revealed in a post that will appear soon.

Caroline said...

RN - it feels great to be back in the blogging flow. I look forward to your explanation of synchronicity with orange scribble!

Ian russell said...

i'm often buying things in WHSmith sales, art dept. and I bought a tin of ''sketching materials'' half price, two weeks back and inside is a pointy stick which looks like those in your picture - what is it for and how is it used? :o/

Caroline said...

The pointy stick is for smudging with - it keeps your fingers from getting all mucky if you are inclined to use them for smudging.

Its good with soft pencils, conte, charcoal and pastels etc. Which reminds me how much I used to like using Conte... maybe I'll have to see if I can find some.

andrea said...

Got in there this time!

I can see this painted about 48" x 36" -- the red/orange/yellow one -- and hanging on .... well, *my* wall. :)

Caroline said...

Andrea - has blogger been playing up - I've noticed its been tricky to comment at times too - glad you like it - don't you think it would be a bit orange to live with? ;-)