Thursday, December 22, 2005

Parrot Tom Williams

Parrot Tom Williams

GG has recently sent a postcard of a parrot to a school geography project. It reminded me of this:

In January of this year I got a book called the Dream Oracle. It suggested that one way to get messages from your dreams was to use their code. This associates each letter of the alphabet with a keyword. The idea is that for your dreams to tell you that you need to look at something, say Patience you would dream of lots of things beginning with the associated letter. Maybe you would dream of Penguins playing with Pangolins on the the Pebbles in Pembrokeshire. There are key words associated with each letter of the alphabet so any dream which features either one or maybe two letters is clueing you in to look at the issue associated with that letter.

One of my first dreams after reading this book started like this:

The oracle rings me on the telephone. The voice on the other end says that he is "Parrot Tom Williams".

The dream went on and the letters P, T and W were emphasised again and again. P stands for patience, T for talent and W for will. I thought that this was an overly complex message to be getting through this method and moved on to different methods of dream interpretation.

Looking back on it now I think there was a useful message here; that I needed to balance my will and my patience in both uncovering and honing whatever talents I might have. Maybe if I'd paid attention I'd have started this blog in January and not September.

However the main thing that came out of it was that Parrot Tom Williams has become quite a character in our house and I wanted to introduce him to you now!

Chartreuse Cat

Chartreuse Cat

Another dream I had that did its best to communicate via the Dream Oracle was one about a Chartreuse Cat.

I am outside in my pyjamas. I am trying to get into a house. The police come to arrest me for attempting to break-in. I explain that I'm trying to talk to the cat! I lead them upstairs to show that I know the house. In the bedroom there is a dog and a cat. The cat is a Chartreuse Cat and can talk.

I ask him if he loves me.

He asks if I love him?

I say he's beautiful and I stroke his green fur. He's very fluffy. I tell him that I love him.

He says that in that case, yes he does love me.

I think that maybe this dream was a precognition of the unknown... which leads me to think that before he was a skeleton he had lots of green fur!


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

You dream as vivid as I do, Caro. I try to write down mine, some of them are entire plots, full-scale books / movies.

I'm fascinated by dreams, I've heard that the Egyptians hundreds of years back tried to interpret, understand dreams, they took them seriously.

Love the illustration of Parrot Tom Williams & the Chartreuse Cat. I can just imagine your family laughing.

Anonymous said...

OOOhhhh, I hope I don't dream of the Unknown! I love your Tom Williams ... he would make a fine wood cut!

Caroline said...

Thanks GG - I've had lots of interesting dreams and plenty of information too - just not much using the oracle method. I'm not surprised that you dream in entire plots - your brain is good at them! Parrot Tom Williams send his love:-)

Anonymous - scary isn't it! - if I knew how to do wood cuts I might try one... but don't you need a press? How about a rubber stamp... I could have a go at cutting one of those... And Parrot Tom Williams sends his love to you too :-)

Anonymous said...

You know what is scarier? I had a dream once that a dream analyst said was the first she couldn't decipher. It involved 6 wasps.

A stamp would suit fine, Love you Tom :)

Caroline said...

Sounds like you've already been checked out by the unknown's waspy drug detectors.

I'll have a look at making a stamp.

Rebekah said...

What an INTERESTING way to analyze the goofy things that collide in the dream world. And your art - Wow! Just wonderful, as always. (P.S. I may not have time to construct a blog, but I HAVE to keep up with my girls!)

Caroline said...

Thanks Rebekah! I must admit I've had more useful, though not more colourful, dreams... and thanks for popping by despite being busy!

isay said...

i am always interested about dreams because i do dream a lot when i am sleeping sometimes it feels like an out of the body experience. lovely post caro and wonderful illo of the parrot.

carla said...

Fascinating! I am intirigued by all the methods of interpretting dreams...I would think that ultimately we need to figure them out ourselves, since we've created them! You certainly have a good ability tto remember the details of your dreams. I remember some like that, but many just leave me with a mood more than precise events. I love both these illos, but I have to say the chartreuse cat is my fave...I love cats and i love chartreuse. This kitty is so deliciously solid looking:>

andrea said...

Very cool images and dreams. I, too, dream vividly. Right now my dream is for the home pc to be formatted so our ISP will reconnect us after disovering a Trojan horse galloping like mad around our system. Merry Christmas to me ... grumblegrumblegrumble. Fortuntately the public library is close to home...

Caroline said...

isay - do you also have lucid dreams where you know you are dreaming and can, if you want, control what happens a bit? I get them occasionally but not as often as I'd like!

carla - you are right - I think that the only way to interpret a dream is individually - the dream oracle was an attempt to give dreams a clear way of communicating but mine were all rather complicated. I discovered that there is actually such a thing as a chartreuse cat when I was googling - but its really a Russian blue!

andrea - well I hope that dream comes true soon - sounds a bit like the current situation is a bit of a Trojan nightmare!

The Unknown said...

Holy Moly! You have discovered my secret former Life! LOL! That is so cool and I do love you!

Caroline said...

You too