Monday, December 05, 2005


Daddy and Morris Minor

After reading yesterday's posting about our father, one of my brothers unearthed this photograph - thanks J!

It reminds me that as both my parents had Morris Minors when they met, if I'd been a boy, I might have been called Morris.


Anonymous said...

Teehee, very funny CARoline! I love these photos .. also have ones with cars and grandparents. GGrandparents were first to distribute motor vehicles and triumph cycles east coast of Australia. They were not liked by horse carriages or people living on the main street!

andrea said...

I love vintage autos -- I think it's more a design thing with me. My uncle had a Morris Minor into the '70s though I'm probably *way* too young to remember that... :)

Laureline said...

I have so enjoyed looking at your family photos---they are extraordinarily vivid.

Caroline said...

Anonymous - my father was, before he married, a keen motorbiker and said he'd had suitable fuel stashes around the country... though that's a hazy memory and it was always hard to tell when he was joking... it was he that was addicted to puns... your motor importing ancestors were ahead of their time!

Andrea - We had Morris Minors in the 60s and 70s. In fact my first car was a Morris Minor but it never got on the road - way too rusty...

Thanks Laura!

kyknoord said...

A pity. Nothing says, "I love you" like naming your kid after a car. Studebaker, my daughter, can certainly attest to this.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

They coulda called you Morrissa :-)

I enjoyed the family pics, Caro.

Cream said...

Great family memories, Morrissa.
Like the long socks!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you got my picture of our father and his then brand new Morris Minor!

That picture was taken in Rhodesia about 1949, as you can see our father is in uniform showing off his new MM series Morris Minor.

I've many fond memories of that car, I learnt to drive in it in the mid sixties! (although it was only around our property on the forecourt and paddock).

I remember clearly being told about the Morris Minor, our father ordered it in 1948 whilst serving in Rhodesia, as can be seen from the photo it is one of the first high headlight models, which were introduced in 1949 to meet export specs, it has a 918cc sidevalve engine (later converted to ohv by the fitment of an alluminium conversion head made by Alto, but retaining the oil bath air filter for dusty climates). One odd thing, that car was originally registered in 1948, yet according to records the high headlight model wasn't in production until January 1949, it also differed in many ways to the uk spec model, things like the door handles and arm rests were quite different.

Enough of memory lane!