Saturday, December 31, 2005

All around the houses!

All the way round the houses

My first panorama using Canon's PhotoStitch software.... 10 photographs of the tops of the houses - ours is the last magnolia one before the grey ones.

The software suggested a crop that didn't show any of the jagged edges but that didn't leave much in the middle!

And this is my second:

Panoramic Sky

Which gives you (almost) the other 180 degrees of the view!


andrea said...

Does magnolia mean pinky cream-coloured? (Actually, I should know that since I have a magnolia tree in my front garden!) I can see now how you get those great view shots. The window at the top, is that an attic room? And are you on a hill? And can I come visit? :)

Caroline said...

Magnolia is painter speak for off-white, so far as I can tell. It was the name on the tin.

The window at the top is Jim's office and is an attic room, probably part of the orginal build (I imagine the original Victorian household hoping to get a maid to accept it as her room!)

Yes we are on a hill and you would be welcome to visit!

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly creative. Love the houses! I want to visit, too :-)

Caroline said...

Nan you are welcome too!

Jim has got all excited about stitching together some of his old pictures and has found some software that works for him - I might post about it soon.