Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

My Treasured Valentine - ATCs

I don't often work small so this was a real challenge for me and although I like the results I won't be making a habit of doing ATCs.

I did these as my contribution to the ATC swap organised by Amy Prof Lyons of Life in the Lyon's Den. For others see the flickr group: "My _(insert your own adjective here)_ Valentine" ATC Swap 2006

I made the hearts using acrylic inks (including gold and silver that don't show up so well on the scan) over card that I had printed. I mounted them on some paper I'd washed with blue watercolour.

My idea was that each heart was a treasure island and the kiss marks the spot.

I hope you all get a kiss in the right place on Valentine's Day, from the right person.


Pat said...

I love the hearts because they look real and very edible and I am greedy.

kyknoord said...

They almost seem to beat. Theres's something about the way the size changes from one to the other.

Caroline said...

Pi - we'll be having raspberry and chocolate meringue tonight!

Shane - Glad to hear it.

Kyknoord - thank you, I hadn't seen that but now I can.

Anonymous said...

SO pretty!

andrea said...

A kiss in the right place? I shudder to think...

But at least I'm smiling when I see this.

Happy V Day, CARLONE.

Caroline said...

Krista - thank you!

Andrea - just where were you thinking of? Oh dear, that really isn't the right place is it?

Thanks for the V wishes! Hope you've had a good one - we are in the middle of making our lovely supper right now - so no more from me here today... ;-)

Anonymous said...


Reluctant Nomad said...

I can also see them almost beating...the beats surround that 'right spot'.

Caroline said...

Thanks Nan.

And also Reluctant Nomad ;-)

The Tart said...

very sweet and romantic.
love the one in the top middle.
don't know why, just do!

Caroline said...

Thank you joli noir perle - that one needed just that little bit more love and you've supplied it! Thank you. ;-)