Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What do you see?

This is a double page spread in my current altered book. After spending lots of time playing with possible page backgrounds outside the book, this is the first I've applied within it.

1st two layers - palette knifed on white gesso - keeping the texture building up
2nd layer - yellow liquid acrylic rubbed on all over
3rd layer - yellow ochre and phthalo green applied with palette knife, some rubbing in and rubbing off and more yellow ochre spread over whilst still wet - this was a very messy and fun phase!

The title of this book is "Shamanic Marks - Inspiration" and I'm planning on using a cave art style - so now I'm looking at this textural background to see what animals, or people, or ghosties I see there.

One of the techniques the cave painters (as opposed to the scratchers) used was spray painting around stencils - the most obvious being the hand prints found in caves. So I've signed up for an on-line stencil course with Mary Ann of Dispatch from LA.

In preparation I've been scouring the neighbourhood shops for doilies!

No I don't suppose its true cave art but they have holes in and make interesting stencils. I've been collecting various supplies since I signed up for the course:

Stencilling  Equipment

Whilst on my trek looking for doilies, sequin waste and anything else that has stencilling potential without being too expensive... I saw these:

Drink Me! Eat Me!

Notice that cake stand. On my way home, laden with my purchases, I came across, on a garden wall, a cake stand and lid that had a label on it that said "Please Take Me", beside it was some bubble wrap and a carrier bag... so of course I did! (I forgot to photograph it though - sorry - I was just too surprised and excited.)

And talking about cakes and celebrations Teasel was 8 months old on Sunday and Jim has been blogging in her dog blog about that and her first 6 months with us.

She's changed our lives so much and its so much for the better!

(Though her birthday cake was a Liver Cake and not something I fancy...)


Olive Tree said...

Hi, it's a very great blog!
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

Genie Sea said...

Happy birthday to Teasel! :) I love the journal pages! I am looking forward to seeing what you will do with your goodies :)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Ooooooh! Love the texture you have got with these pages. I see a ladder leading to the heavens on the left page and dancing people on the right page! I had been thinking about the ancient hand stencils (where they spit out the paint) lately, how coincidental! I was thinking it was a good base for a journal page because it was such a basic representation of ourselves. Like a primitive self portrait.

Thanks for sharing,

tinker said...

I see frogs and faces in the green page, and possibly a rabbit, as well. There's either a bear or a fox on the yellow page, and someone else, but I'm not quite sure who or what...
Happy 8 month Birthday to Teasel!

Caroline said...

Olive Tree etc. - thank you

Genie Sea - I'm really looking forward to starting the stencil course - I've done some stencilling in the past but not much with spray paints.

Leanne - wow those are so completely different from what I see - I do love such variation!

I've heard that one way they used to spray the paint was to work with a hollow reed... I thought maybe an artist's atomiser might be the closest, least toxic, approximation.

I've also been considering cutting out stencils based on my own hands rather than using my hands directly - though I might - and if I do I think I'll wimp out and wear a latex glove!

Tink - more ideas and ones I hadn't seen! I'm currently wondering about best tools to use... oh and your idea about trying poster paint (for the sgraffito) rather than gouache was a good one - my gouche turned out to have acrylic in it!

andrea said...

Teasel has turned into a very attractive young lady. And I had the feeling that when you finally decided that it was OK to have a dog in the city you'd wonder why you waited so long!

Caroline said...

Andrea - you are right!