Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Vibrant - Some mornings you have to make your own rainbows
"Vibrant - Some mornings you have to make your own rainbows"

Lots of you seem to have chosen a word for the year... I haven't... but I have chosen a word for this month. Its:

yellow v I b The third letter A McElman_080417_6518_N T30
Spelt using Spell with flickr

I've chosen this as a photography project with the idea that I'll either take or nominate one of my archive photos each day as Vibrant. At the end of the month I'll make a VIBRANT mosaic!

I'm doing this to join in with the Shutter Sisters (blog and flickr) first oneword month.

I felt that February could do with a bit of colour and some good vibes!

If you fancy joining in there's still time, choose your own word for February and start snapping.

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Genie Sea said...

Love the word, the socks, and the flickr spell! Vibrant is an awesome word for this month. We can all use some vibrancy! :)

Caroline said...

Thanks Genie!

I'm glad I chose something to brighten things up around here.

Tinker said...

I think the photo, socks and the word are all brilliantly deLightFul!

Joanna said...

But you've already chosen a brilliant word...I wish I had time to start snapping, but it's just fibre, dyeing and more dyeing for me, not that I can complain, I've strived for years to make money from my art...now I'm painting fluff!

Anji said...

Vibrant is definately what we need in February, especially in the form of warm socks! You always seem so busy with all of these projects, it's good to see the results.

Caroline said...

Tinker - I'm so glad I added to your DeLight!

Jo - I'm sure your yarns will be vibrant too.

Anji - those socks had a hole in them by the end of the day - boo hoo! So now I'm wondering if I can turn them into a sock creature...

Unknown said...

Your VIBRANT socks made me smile - brought to mind when I wore a similar pair back in 1975 to go and see the Bay City Rollers at Newcastle City Hall - THANKS FOR THE MEMORY X