Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What would you use this for?

Drawn in Painter IX

Today my artist date involved making some art - my inner artist wanted a toy vacuum cleaner picture and not one like any toy vacuum I've ever seen... so of course I let her draw it herself. Her interest ran out when it came to colouring in.

I won't be on my computer much for the next few days - I'll still be doing my morning pages etc. I'll catch up with you all when I'm back on line next week.

This section is about healing - if you don't believe / use healing just skip the rest of this posting please!

This morning I woke up from a dream where I'd been doing some healing knowing I needed to tell the person I was healing to:

Stay out of other people's minds

Now I don't know who I was working on in my sleep... but I'm pretty sure its someone who reads my blog!

I'd send this in an email if I knew who it was for, as it is I'll have to broadcast it rather wider than I would normally.

To make it more broadly useful I thought it might be helpful to swap ideas for how to cleanse and stay well-grounded in reality, in one's own body. I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Being well-grounded is useful to all of us whether we send healing or not.

Here are some things I do:
  • Salt water baths - both cleansing and protective
  • Walking barefoot
  • When washing in the morning, doing so with the intention of cleansing myself of all the night's processing of emotions
  • Doing a yoga forward bend and visualising the energy flows as I do it
  • Cleaning crystals, especially those used for protection
Something else that really helps is to only ever send healing to someone if you have energy permission from their energy system to do so (preferably also their conscious permission). If you don't know how to check for energy permission then don't send anything. This includes Reiki.

I have, in the past, had to defend myself from well-meant but inappropriate Reiki energy sent to me without either conscious or energy permission being given. I'm a Reiki master so I do know what this feels like. (Although a Reiki & Seichem master I am not attuning others at the moment; that is something I currently do not have energy permission to do.)

I know some Reiki masters say its okay to send to anyone - this is not so - you only need to know how to check to find this out.

Not every energy system gives permission when asked; sometimes this is temporary and at other times permanent. Respect this.

And if your Reiki master cannot tell you how to check for energy permission ask for your money back! (And follow the link I give at the end.)

When you are sending you are opening a stream from the healing source that passes through you and to the other person. This is an invitation for energy to flow. There are several things that can happen.
  • It can all go smoothly and wonderfully and this is what normally happens.
  • Nothing flows at all. This can be disappointing but is usually safe.
  • The other person can send you energy back - this too can be wonderful but may not be. Be careful what you accept.
  • Some people's energy systems are too eager and will grab more from you than you are anticipating. If this happens to you - cut the connection as quickly as possible. Then cleanse and ground.
This last is what I think had happened to the person I was helping in dream last night.

And the reason they need to stay out of other people's minds is because they are too empathic; they need more distance, more detachment and will actually be able to give more with that detachment in place. Hence the advice to get grounded in one's own body.

If you've been sending healing and are feeling totally drained then you need to cleanse and ground and not send to that person again.

The problems are rarely mentioned because they are relatively rare and New Age gurus are rather inclined to only talk about the good side... but ignoring the dark doesn't make it go away... and can leave you not knowing what to do when it happens... most masters do talk about protection and this is one of the things you are attempting to protect from.

If you are frightened by any of this then heal yourself rather than sending to others - its just as much a gift to the world! (Your own energy system will appreciate it if you check for energy permission before self-healing and it is good practice.)

As I mentioned I do send healing when I'm in dream, but I've also noticed that even then I check for permission.

I check for energy permission by first self-cleansing, getting balanced and then using kinesiology self-test. I learnt this when studying Health Kinesiology. You can learn a similar method on these webpages by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra essences.

And in the past I gave these methods for improving balance and reducing stress.

So given all this talk about cleansing...

What would you use all those nozzles for?

See you all soon!


Cream said...

Great drawing, Caro!
I am sure that Dyson might be interested.
I think the brush will gather the crumbs, the fish will suck them up and the duck will put away shoes etc...

Anonymous said...

I like the drawing too, Caroline. I'm so impressed by your wealth of talents. I have just followed your link to the self-testing (Thank you so much!) and it's blown me away! I was practising with all the yes answers, thinking well surely I'll just get the same result when I ask a negative...not so! I'm amazed, and very grateful to you. Apparently, I don't have permission to self-heal with Reiki. Now what should I do, I wonder? I don't have much energy at all at the minute - not enough for myself even, it would appear. Mmmm....
Thanks for a fascinating and very educational post. Much appreciated x

Caroline said...

Cream - thanks - is that top one a brush? I thought it might be a jellyfish...

Suzie Q - thank you - there are several reasons you might not be able to self-heal... it could be that you would be better off working on cleansing and being grounded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the healing info.

As for the new toy vacuum: I would have the top hose clean away the cat hair from the sofa with its long hairbrush; the fish one appears to me to be amphibious and it could clean the fish tank and the bathrooms; the duck could clean the air ducts or maybe just clear the air...I would want an optional kitchen nozzle, too, I think - would that one be a kitten to lick the saucers clean? or a chicken to peck up the crumbs...
I'll leave it to you - as the inventor, you'll probably have the best idea for that one.

andrea said...

This made me smile. Is that enough of a function? :)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Wow Caro, this was so interesting I read it slowly, carefully. I'm interested in healing but don't know much about it, it's something I want to check out later, not now. I agree, we must heal ourselves first.

Hm, well, if I had that vacuum I would do house cleaning with it, I'd find every use for it...I love housework [sssh, don't laugh].

Anonymous said...

I would try a name for your wachamacallit, but the post took me away - great post - thank you!

steve said...

I love your drawing Carol and I'm glad you decided to keep it balck and white. I also think your "reality" piece is wonderful. All this energy and cleansing info is very fascinating to me and while I am a strong believer in science I can't refuse the possibilty of it. As for cleansing, I would want to banish every last bit of self doubt and negativity in my life.

Adele said...

My first comments here - and it's about your comments on someone trying to send you energy. I can imagine whatt you mean because I was in a somewhat similar situation some years ago. I was giving healing to someone (not Reiki, straightforward Spiritual Healing) on a regular basis and she started tapping my own energy at all sorts of times when we weren't together, like while I was at work, and it was seriously draining me. She just didn't realise what she was doing because she had had a stroke and was confused in her own mind. So what I did was to visualise that I was surrounded by a brick wall and that her attempts to tap me for energy couldn't penetrate it. I had to do this a few times but eventually it worked and I made sure that she received my energy when I wanted her to receive it, not when she demanded it.

I know that what you are experiencing is the reverse of that but this idea of a wall might also work for you in addition to the other suggestions you have made.

Just a thought and suggested in an attempt to be helpful.


gma said...

Wow...cute drawing and enjoyed reading your grounding rituals. Very good.Would love to learn more about the healing.

Reluctant Nomad said...

What a brilliant invention! Three arms. One to be used for back-scratching, always a great thing. Another for plucking stray hairs and the last for breathing/saying sweet nothings into your ear when feeling low.

I want one!

Joy Eliz said...

I love your invention! Perhaps for cleaning fish tanks - a much needed invention.
Anyway I almost forgot about your art by your article on energy.

I visualize cleansing by being surrounded by and radiating bright white light. At night while I wait to fall asleep, I envision an energy cord from the earth and universe going thru each Chakra.
I sometimes feel that these techniques are only as good as I can keep up the imagary. I often feel that regardless of what I do I can't sheild myself from the energy others emit.
And perhaps that is why I isolate myself as much as possible.

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline,

Like several of your readers, I am so impressed by the depth of your journey toward integration. You seem so intuitive in the way you delve into practices and experiences.

I don't know very much about healing practices. I've had reiki done on me twice, and found it really powerful.

Enjoy your blogging break.

Tony LaRocca said...

As an electrician, I've always tried to reconcile what I know about A/C current with energy raising. Electrical current wants to go to ground as quickly as possible (it's impossible to get shocked without being grounded & completing a circuit.) So is the answer to be grounded, open up your chakras, and let the energy do its work as it flows through you?

Of course, this is a pedestrian- though interesting- view. It all becomes much easier when you realize that ALL is energy & we're all just part of the ocean. You don't use the energy, you just open up yourself to the fact that you're part of it...

Caroline said...

Tinker - optional nozzles will be available from all good toy shops.

Andrea - that's a great function!

GG - glad you found it interesting even if not currently relevant. And you are welcome to come and use my real vacuum any time!

Tammy Vitale - it has a secret name... I wonder what you were thinking of...

Steve - I started out with just that frame of mind... I didn't set out with the intention of getting into healing but it was my only route to wellness...

Val / Adele - hi! - that's a great suggestion for the person I was trying to help in dream - I hope they read your comment - thank you!

Gemma - thanks for poppy by!

Reluctant Nomad - I love these suggestions especially the sweet nothings nozzle to nuzzle...

Joy Eliz - you are clearly very sensitive - I expect you will find ways to shield more - its good that you protect yourself.

Potato Print - thank you very much and I'm back a little sooner than I expected!

Tony Larocca - I like this electrical view, very useful, as well as the all is energy view. I used to have a real problem with static...