Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Names and Things

Jo has suggested a new tag. Its to make a Namelian using your own name (any variant is allowed). See her post for the full details. This came from an idea she got from Steve's post on Namelians where you can also go to get the instructions.

As its a tag I'm tagging JohnnyNorms (instead of those beans!), Ian (sorry about the double tag for weird things), Tinker (again sorry for pushing for more weirdness last time... this must be easier!), Susie (its a fun change from photography!), Joy Eliz (I thought you might like to be asked...), Melba (because you said you like being tagged) and Andrea (just in case you want something to play with for a change, and to entice you back to your blog!).

And since I'm in the mood for such things I'm tagging myself to post 5 lovely things in each posting throughout Finding Water.... this is derived from one of the exercises for week one where Julia Cameron suggests at the end of each day we write down 5 things we've seen that visually delighted us. I'd prefer to broaden this to 5 things that delighted me, whether visually or some other way. Here are yesterday's:
  1. One of the regular helpers in Amnesty remarked that I always seem so happy that I must be doing something right! (A good counter to any lack of optimism shown here lately!)
  2. A man in the supermarket came and stood beside me as I looked at the chocolate display - we ended up discussing chocolate and he told me that the 85%+ stuff is especially good for you as its so full of flavinoids etc. He said there is somewhere in Bristol, but he couldn't remember where, that you can get 90% cocoa solids but that its something you really can only eat a tiny bit at a time. I decided he was my chocolate angel! :-)
  3. Sheer joy at finally posting all the things I'd meant to post for ages. Three parcels - yes! (Good job I'm not selling things on Amazon at the moment...)
  4. Noticing that one of my local shops has an elephant on its sign!
  5. Finally finding the plastic bottle recyling bank - I actually skipped like a six year old as I went over to "deposit" my plastic bottles. I've no idea why but it made me really happy.
Tell me some of your happy things!


Joanna said...

Visiting your blog and your beautiful namelian are definately happy things for today!

Caroline said...

Jo - thank you - it was lots of fun making the namelian - I'm glad you suggested it so thank you again!

Joy Eliz said...

Caro... This is such a happy post...making a Namelian is just the break I need - Thanks!
I loved your 5 things list... it made me smile.

Reluctant Nomad said...

I never got round to spilling my beans for you. *hangs head in shame*

steve said...

Looks like the nameleon thing is becoming a bit of a craze! This is fantastic Caroline!! It has an almost majestic quality to it even.

steve said...

Or "namelien" that is! :/

Anonymous said...

Knowing me, this will still probably contain some weirdness, but it does sound like fun. I'll post one as soon I'm done. Though who says aliens have to be frightful or weird - yours turned out to be quite attractive!

Tinker said...

Ok - now I've done it! In fact, I did it twice -- once each direction! This could become addictive, I can't seem to stop -hmm, wonder if this is some strange alien virus taking me over....

Caroline said...

Joy Eliz - glad you welcome this suggestion!

RN - didn't you - well you ought to make a Namelian too then!

Steve - I like Nameleon... this morning someone sent me a photo she'd taken of a chameleon in Madagascar... I hadn't seen her as majestic - I like that!

Tinker - I'll be over to see what you've done. Thanks for playing with me!

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

I like the idea of listing delightful things. I have a "happy book" where, every so often, I write and draw things that make me happy. It's great to look at when I am sad and is fun to do when I am happy

Tony LaRocca said...

That happiest things in my life are my wife & children. And sleep.

Ian russell said...

I tried to post on this before but my connection is playing up, caroline! My comment got lost.

Yes, I will have a go at this! :o)

TammyVitale said...

omg it's an invasion - I just saw namelians over at Tinker's!
(awww, aren't they cute?!)

and blogger has changed my name from Tammy Vitale to belletamaam - but I remain the same

melba said...

I haven't done this yet but I will and I will let you know when I post it!


Caroline said...

Zinkibaru - a happy book is an excellent idea - like one's own personal comfort book... mmm...

Tony Larocca - I'm glad you enjoy them! Are you still getting strong dreams?

Ian - I'm glad! Look forward to seeing it.

Tammy Vitale - thanks for letting me know who you are by another name... are you going to make a namelian in one of your names?

Melba - that's great - I look forward to seeing what magical creature emerges.

Anonymous said...

Ay yai yai, I have things to post too, to my dearest, bestest friend, he lives so far away from me...that's one of my happy things...to finally get stuff off at the post office.

If we had a plastic bottle recycling plant here, I'd be on Cloud 9!

Tony Larocca's happy things are so sweet.