Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finding Water - Optimism

A doodle in Painter

Today is the start of working with this book, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron. Alongside other bloggers at the Finding Water blog.

The theme for the first week is Optimism. Its always good to have a bit of a boost!

So as a measure of where I am now I tried a few tests... and I got really mixed results! From somewhat pessimistic on one test to total and complete optimist on another. I don't think I'm going to pay any attention to such tests - life is too much fun without fretting over whether I rate as an optimist or not!! You see I know, in my heart of hearts that I am, except when I'm not, its that simple.

I think I may almost be SoulCollage®d out. I've got over 200 cards now - though not all are backed - they'll be a bit heavy to cart around if I back all of them on mount board...

Every morning I select a card of the day and somedays I also do a reading with them. One particular sort of reading I've started to do has this general pattern:

You shuffle and cut and come up with the first card - put that face up in position one. Then with it in mind, shuffle and cut again putting out the other five cards face down until you've got them all.

And here is a made-up example using images that I've already published:

1. Past - Shadow: UnNamed One

In shadow, I am one who has no idea where I'm going, is unable to see what I'll become. This is okay and I have no name.

2. Physical - Shadow: Wren

In shadow, I am one who has made this reading up but will find that there is a message in it for me anyway. (Wren's are cunning creatures according to celtic lore).

3. Other - Shadow - Death

In shadow, I am one who will ensure that all that needs to end will end, so you may as well surrender to the change - it will be easier in the end.

4. Other - Light - My father

I am one who reminds you that you felt my passing. You and your siblings were not present in the same room but you all felt it and knew (and so did the dog).

5. Physical - Light - HK inspired distance healer

I am one who sends distance healing using very focused energies. I am one who is called to do this now and will do more when asked.

6. Present - Light - Can't see the wood for the leaves

I am one who sees a tree by examining it in detail and getting to know every leaf. Once I know a tree this well I do not need to re-examine it the same way again, I may return to it or I may not - that depends on what new ways I have of examining it. Some people say its better to specialise and stick to one thing, especially when you've got to know it so well; I say I know its part of my way to plunge in, do all I can and then move on. Nothing is wasted.

Today a book I'd ordered recently turned up. Barbara Sher calls such non-specialists scanners, I've always considered myself a Renaissance Woman - but if I wasn't already confident in being someone who must wear many hats to be happy then I might have appreciated the label of Scanner.

The subtitle to Finding Water is "The art of perseverance" - I hope I'm not going to find too much of a contradiction with my natural need to change hats.

How many hats do you have?

How many do you wear at once?


Unknown said...

Hi Caroline
Thank you so much for going to all that trouble to render a reading of your cards. Now I understand how they work. At my workshop I only created four of them. I like them, but I never went far enough to see how they fit into a larger scheme. It's really enticing.

I am, or was, a big fan of Barbara Sher. I read that book in two sittings at Borders in the cafe. I am very much a scanner, and it seems like you are too.

I really like your image of optimism. I celebrate your creativity.

Caroline said...

Potato Print - I'm glad you appreciated the reading - of course this is my way of reading the cards - other people have other ways.

This is the first Barbara Sher book I've come across... and I've no idea yet whether I'll actually read it or just dip in. (I have rather a lot of other books on the go at the moment too)

I feel very touched by your compliments - thank you!

isay said...

lovely doodle-i like the the texture and the colors.

--'apologies but i have to find the water in my life that is flowing

until then!

Caroline said...

Isay - thank you - are you off somewhere?

steve said...

Great abstract Caroline. I loved artist's way and it looks as if "Finding water" may be just as good. So many books, so little time.

Caroline said...

Thanks Steve - its true lots of books...

Tinker said...

I enjoy "changing hats" a lot myself - couldn't tell you how many hats I wear at once sometimes ;-) Maybe we'll just be able to wear them longer?

As for optimism vs pessimism - I find your blog to usually be refreshingly optimistic and positive!

Caroline said...

Terri - thanks I must admit I'm currently struggling to feel my usual optimism... there is something in the air... I don't know what it is but I have a sense of foreboding...

Ian russell said...

what is meant by finding water, is it water as a pure metaphor or more to do with divining, ie finding water/finding god? yes, I suppose they're not exclusive come to think of it.

I'd say the tests prove you are normal, neither a pessimist nor optimist - that is the best outlook. sometimes you expect the best, sometimes the worst based on experience or acquired intuition rather than a delusion.

yeah, a scanner - I think that's me - a happy jack!

Joanna said...

Oh dear I was just about to say I always get a feeling of optimism from you, I've just done the tests and was average with the first but optimistic with the next, I am feeling optimistic, maybe you should do the namelian challenge! I am posting mine today....and your name would make a great namelian, you know what they a child!

melba said...

A friend sent me Barbara Sher's book, but I only scanned it ;)
I like finding water. I feel more comfortable this time than when I read the artist way last year (although I have to add the experience was amazing).

Tinker said...

Thought I'd let you know, I've just linked to your elephant review post, when relating my elephant dream.

Hope you're not feeling foreboding still, and that all's well...

Caroline said...

Thanks for all your concern. I worked out I was picking up the foreboding from someone else so I managed to separate myself from that and was fine again!

Anonymous said...

I have liked Barbara Sher's books before ....

Another really good book on a similar subject, and highly practical, is Marci Alboher's, "One Person/Multiple Careers" which just came out.