Friday, May 05, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday: Let's Go Digital & Getting in Touch With Yourself


Inspire Me Thursday
's theme is "Let's Go Digital" which is, of course, where I often am... This is a pineapple played around with in Painter IX.

I'm eating a lot of pineapples at the moment. Yum!

Getting in Touch With Yourself

Thank you all for the good vibes and hugs that you sent me. Maybe they are why when I woke up this morning I had what seems to be a good idea in my head.

Logically the problems that I have had, have not been helped by being logical and so therefore its illogical to carry on using logic to solve them.

In particular re-reading my post from yesterday I was struck by my emphasis on how much goes on in one's body without one having to understand it at all. And I understood then that too much of the time I've been trying to understand things which do not need understanding to work properly, they just need to be allowed to happen.

I have also been reading enough about hypnosis to understand that there are plenty of people out there who think they can hypnotise you whether you want to be hypnotised or not and without any sort of permission. Whether they do this ethically or not is up to them.

However this is where the word hypnosis gets confusing as they seem to mean micro-hypnotisms not full-scale slumped over trance.

In other words there are ways to implant suggestions that use hypnotic techniques without you being aware of having gone into trance. And of course therapists also use these quite ethically as part of a treatment whilst others use them for their own gain (e.g. in sales).

There are also lots of people saying that one only accepts suggestions that are congruent with your core values. What this seems to mean to me is "don't blame me, you agreed". This is not surprising given the litigious culture we live in. It also quiets any moral misgivings the successful salesman or seducer might have. And it also lets the therapist who fails to help you off the hook too... since clearly your core values were such that you could not be helped in this instance... they have it all ways.

But I'm getting off the point... this morning I woke with this suggestion to myself in my head.

It was:

Imagine each vertebra is communicating its long-suppressed, long-ignored or long-overridden messages to whichever parts of me it needs to be in touch with.

I found myself stretching and yawning (not something I've done on waking in a long time).

When I got up I started using this formula on various different parts of myself by naming them, e.g. tongue, jaw, pelvis... and then I altered it a bit and tried putting my hands on parts that hold tension and saying the same thing but like this:

Imagine this area is communicating its long-suppressed, long-ignored or long-overridden messages to whichever parts of me it needs to be in touch with.

After a few of these I felt the urge to smooth myself all over - as though I was in a shower and soaping myself with this idea. And it does indeed seem to have cleaned me up a lot ;-)

So I was doing this entirely consciously but I wasn't asking myself to make the messages conscious. Just with the intention that whatever messages had got stuck could now be passed on safely. And I intend to try the same thing next time I have some part of me hurting or stiff or in some other way asking for attention.

So once again, thank you all for your good intentions!


kyknoord said...

I really loved the logic knot you so deftly tied.

Caroline said...

Thanks Kyknoord -- it amused me too... ;-)

Joy Eliz said...

First of all...I love the pineapple it looks very 3D! I too love pineapples...yummy!

I really like what you said about recognizing parts of the body that have become burdened. Very Shamanistic. You would be a great Intuitive Healer!

Caroline said...

Joy Eliz - thank you - the shaman in me is very glad to hear you say that.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad yooooo are feeeeling as gooood as your pineapple ....

*without the spikey bits*

Caroline said...

Anonymous - thanks for breezing in. And for removing the spikey bits too.

The Unknown said...

I think you are a fruit-a-holic.

Caroline said...

Well on Friday I was feeling fruity and yesterday I couldn't resist some fruit and today... mmm.. maybe you are right... love