Friday, March 31, 2006

Interpretation of last IF's Monster Blot

IF - Monster reversed

This is the same blot as I used for last week's IF: Monster posting but inverted. I think it is much scarier this way up!

Here is my, totally personal, interpretation of all your interpretations:

I think that the most obvious interpretation is that you should go and make blog friends with anyone who saw:

a) the same or nearly the same as you - its always nice to have someone with a similar point of view

b) someone who saw something that you think of as the opposite of what you saw - its always interesting to have someone around who views things differently too!

Love monsters etc.

Those of you who saw the cute, friendly or loving monster ought to have tried looking at it upside down. I choose the cute side up so as not to scare you at the time. Those who admitted to seeing it in this light: bubblegum, freckley face, modroom, Steve, catnapping


Similarly all of you who saw butterflies. Except seeing it as a single butterfly to me shows a wish to synthesise and see something as a singular unit. Does it still look like a butterfly to you this way up? Those who opted for butterfiles in the previous version were: merlinprincesse, liz jones, Nan, Aynaku, Marc

Further non-monster observers spotted:

Angels, birds, cats, dogs, bat, food and dancers.

Rebekah, Andrea E, Reluctant Nomad, Joy Eliz, Melba, Andrea P, Kyknoord, Megg

Body parts

Brain and pelvis: Katili (from Finland), Viking054

The not so cuties

Those who admitted to seeing monsters ranged from those who saw nameable ones (e.g. dragons, dinosaur, witches) johnnynorms, carla, roz foster, isay, lori witzel, valgalart, GG

To simply monstrous, unspecified, possibly multi-headed ones: txartgal, gise, paula, kg, Jaimie, and me!


Of course most of these were meant as jokes so you are a well-suited bunch.

Clowns or relatives: Janet, Cream, the unknown, tony sarrecchia, GG


And for completeness those who left a comment but did not let on what sort of monsters they saw or who saw none: sinclair, alison ashwell, rramone (who may be missing out on the prize because of his reticence...), marie, alexa brett, cosmos, janey, wandering coyote, toni kelly, holly

So there you have it - it was a monster find-a-friend competition.

If you call on someone following this suggestion tell them Caro's Monster sent you!


Janet said...

Hey, I am glad to be included in this bunch...Cream, Unknown Tony, and GG...(great minds think alike?)

Caroline said...

Janet - that was the idea - and I suppose this posting is testing it out!

valerie walsh said...

This is fascinating! I know it is true too! Janet is one of the funniest people Ihave met on the blog circuit and she fits in quite well with those other jokesters!!! Fun and funny! makes you think...

Caroline said...

Valgalart - thanks! It is funny isn't it!

Cream said...

It looks like Salvador Dali and he was a bit of a clown, wasn't he?
Janet, do you his moustache?

andrea said...

You are brilliant, Caroline. And right, too, based on your original small groupings (i.e. 'food'). I already asked Kyknoord to be my friend long ago, when we were behind the school, examining each others' lunches, and he agreed. Now we're off to the carnival to eat cotton candy and ice cream.

Janet said...

I see the moustache....but no melting clocks :)

Caroline said...

Cream - Salvador Dali - now that is brilliant and might explain why I found it scary!

Andrea - thanks - yes I was glad to see how closely you two came out with my measure...

Janet - I'm sure a melting clock could be arranged...

atomicvelvetsigh said...

gee i missed his last week.. the orig angle you posted this i see a man hurting a kid.. kinda monster in that way too and a hmm a big woodpeacker trying to stop him by poking his back with its beak. weird. on the new angle, i see gee.. people floating on clouds singing. more wierd. lol...
now time to read the interpretation..

Anonymous said...

oh no morbid things for me.. i see butterflies and flowers on a garden! cute butterflies! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Smile...what a wonderful post to to all of us who adore you and your work. You are too sweet!

Caroline said...

Atomicvelvetsigh - not sure how I'd've classed your versions... hope you've been able to see some connections to the others

Irvine - you can join the butterfly club easily!

Andrea - thank you, as are you.

Wandering Coyote said...

Now that it's inverted, I see a mask.

Caroline said...

Wandering Coyote - yes I see that clearly too now that you mention it!

isay said...

this is fun! nice to know it was a monster find a friends competition-

and you know what-i can see bloody mermaids in the inverted version-

Caroline said...

Isay - that's why I choose what I saw as the friendly version first. Mermaids?