Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Emotional Stress Release

Melba wrote about some of her fears and apparently I popped into her mind as someone without fears; she also realised that was unlikely - and its true I have had plenty of fears and still do. But I do also have some useful techniques for helping me deal with fears and other uncomfortable emotions. So I thought now would be a good time to share some of them.

The first technique comes from Touch For Health. It is called Emotional Stress Release or ESR. When you have a lot on your mind and are feeling stressed this can help.

ESR ESR - one handed

You may have noticed that some people, maybe you yourself, put a hand to their forehead in times of stress. This is beneficial and can help to reduce the stress. It is a first line of action and can be done at the time you are feeling upset.

Notice I have shown two different versions. The version which uses two hands can be done either simultaneously or one side at a time - you might find this more discreet to use without going for the full hand across the brow which can signal too strongly to others that you are feeling stressed.

You may feel pulses on your forehead. You have done as much with this technique as you can when both are pulsing together at the same rate. If you do not feel pulses (and not everyone can) keep on holding the points until your breathing changes. If your emotion changes to boredom then you are no longer focusing on the stress and may as well stop!

The second is to tap around the thymus. Your aim is to tap in a circle about four inches (10 cm) across, starting on the left side of your chest, tapping up and across to the right side of your chest, then down and across. Make the tap strong enough to feel but not painful. Tapping around in this way can often bring your body into balance (as measured by the energy flow in the meridians). It was taught to some soldiers by a friend of mine and they discovered that it helped them feel braver when out in the field.

For an excellent moving diagram look on Franky Kossy's site under DIY HK. You will also see the HK version of ESR there.

This form of "thymus tap" is taught in Health Kinesiology (or HK) and comes from Jimmy Scott the founder of HK.

A third method is to use flower essences. Many people are aware of Rescue Remedy which is a general mixture that often helps people who have just experienced shock or who are under great stress. There are many more flower essences. Most of the essences made by Dr Bach are still available from various different makers but there are also many other plant essences available and I've found many of the newer ones far more effective for me personally.

If you have never used a flower essence it can be very difficult to decide what to try. Here are some suggestions:

If you are often anxious, nervous and worry a lot try: Crowea from Australian Bush essences or Copper Beech from Green Man Tree Essences.

If you have a specific fear or phobia then you might try San Pedro Cactus which is a power plant essence

My advice when using any flower essence, (or herb, aromatherapy oil, or homeopathic made from a plant) is to always actively ask the plant to help you with X - specifying whatever it is that you are hoping to sort out. You may or may not be able to sense the spirit of a plant but it does not hurt to be polite and ask clearly ;-)


Catma said...

Some very helpful information here. I am under a lot of stress lately. I found a set of exercises that are quick and easy. The man who put it together tried to get the essence of chi building moves and simplify them I really think they work great and it only takes 4 minutes.

www.4MinuteFitness.com I do not know how to place a link.

Caroline said...

Catma - thanks for the link! Builiding up your chi is not the same as reducing specifc stressors though it helps a lot. I've done a lot of Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation etc in the past (though not this particular practice), but I still had to sort out my specific fears...

merlinprincesse said...

I NEED THAT! Do you have something for crying all the time???

Caroline said...

Merlinprincesse - sorry to hear you are crying all the time! There is a flower essence that might help - what comes to mind is a tree the White Spruce - you can get that from the Alaskan Essence people:


I'm suggesting it because I feel that its ability to integrate might be helpful to you. And I suspect that you would benefit from the way that it helps ground spiritual knowledge into the body. (Sometimes we have more than we are aware of!)

If you have a White Spruce tree you can visit you could go and ask the plant spirit directly... it helps to do this when no-one is looking! Otherwise you can buy the essence and take it and ask specifically for integration.

(this is not a specific for crying all the time just what I feel might be appropriate having read your blogs a bit!)

Actually I feel there might be several Alaskan Essences that you'd like - I don't know their range all that well but I have used a few and they are good makers - if you look at their pages some others might call to you. If something else seems more relevant go with your own intuition. And do let me know how it goes (which ever you try).

merlinprincesse said...

Thanks Caroline! I will try White Spruce. And e-mail you the results. We have a very nice place here in Quebec City where we can find all the nice natural products. I will go there and will keep you posted... Thanks again. You are a real Lady. I feel very connected to you! Same ideas!

Caroline said...

Thank you merlinprincesse - I hope you can find it easily! And I too feel the connection... thank you for being there as part of the web.