Monday, November 07, 2005

Today's art: Song


I've been admiring various people's works that include words. So today I thought I'd try some things that included words. The banner (current at time of posting) and the image above are the fruits of today's labours.

I started singing the words before I'd written them, which is why I've called this one "song".

If I've stolen the words from somewhere that you recognise please let me know!

People who use words well in their work (I'll add to this as I've not been keeping an active note):

All Over Coffee Amazing drawings - with a few words incorporated
The Unknown A range of styles some of which include words - and that often make me laugh
Melba lots of collage with words
Jody - who often quotes song lyrics after her pictures
Lost Aussie who includes words into her collages
Thompson Designs words sometimes collaged in
JacqueLynn words swirl through some of these pictures
The Crafty Girl often has words added
Tony incorporates words often too.


melba said...

I love writing poetry. My older journals have no visual art only words. When scrapbooking supplies became popular in all the craft stores I decided to incorporate my words with art. (Although I admire many scrapbook artists, I never found it fun to scrapbook the traditional way)I really love your banner, interesting color and textures.

The Tart said...

wow....your colors are great!

I also love the words...I must try this too!

I really like the header on your blog...the blues are wonderful.

The Tart said...

i added you to my blogroll, ok?

love your work and fun posts

Leah said...

lovin the banner and art for the day!! oddly enough i did something with words today too! and thanks for all the links, i know some of them, i'll have to look around at the others. :-)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Wow, I like!

My cousin paints, and I keep telling her to work her words into her paintings. She should see this.

I'll check out the links later.

LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER POSTS I've missed due to busy!!!

Caroline said...

melba - most of my collage has been based more on colour and shape than words, I love that yours had so many layers to it

joli noir perle - thanks - of course its okay to add me to your blogroll - have I been breaking blogger ettiquette by just collecting together whichever blogs my jackdaw eye has alighted on???

kat - thanks - I'll pop over and see what you have been doing soon, I forgot to say that I was inspired by your chakra post when I started this but as is often the way the direction changed.

GG - you and your words make fantastic pictures in people's heads but some artists like to stick to non-verbals - it was quite a challenge for me to do this.

isay said...

lovely blending of colors and i wonder what's the melody you have used....

great banner. too!

Paul Tuller said...

your banner is beautiful!! "weaving whisps" I like the way that sounds. I have been wanting to change my banner for a while and you have just given me the inspiration I needed to do it, thanks!

Caroline said...

isay - thanks - I think the melody has vanished now - I'm not practised at capturing such things...

paulsketch - thank you! I love the way we all have the chance to inspire each other, that's exactly how the weaving of whisps is manifesting!

Anonymous said...

Great new direction and fabulous colors! I, too, would love to hear the melody, but I know how illusive a spontaneous melody can be. I LOVE your new banner!

Caroline said...

nan - thank you - perhaps the melody for this one is better in the imagination!

The Unknown said...

How did I miss this? You are too nice. Thanks love.

Caroline said...

Dear the unknown, perhaps you are not as obsessed by publicity as you'd like to think!