Thursday, November 10, 2005

Comic Anger

Comic Anger
One of the ways I have of giving myself a subject to paint is to use OH cards. OH cards come as two packs of cards, one with pictures and one with words. If I want a subject I ignore the picture set and just pull a couple from the word set. Today I got Comic and Anger.

I don't normally draw in an intentionally cartoon style so this was itself a challenge. I also found it really hard to focus on anger when the funny little man just wouldn't look angry enough! I even invented a story for him (he is in a cartoon after all) about how he had lost his job, and that had led to the break up of this marriage and now to cap it all his beloved car has been vandalised (he suspects by his ex-wife). The trouble was I kept thinking he'd probably brought it all on himself, I just couldn't sympathise with him - I thought he was the bad egg!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha... I can tell you had trouble focusing on anger--the little man is a little too cute! You were having too much fun :-)

Caroline said...

You are right Nan, I was having fun!