Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today's art: Clay man

clay man

This strange chap started out as a clay figure I'd made. Then photographed. Then I painted him in Painter IX.

Not sure about him at all.

But I decided that part of the point of doing art everyday was to put up something whether I liked it or not!


JacqueLynn said...

He made for some very interesting textures and expression. It's fun to just have fun, that's what my Iko Iko piece was. Iko Iko is a New Orleans Mardi Gras song.

Aenigma said...

Ooo, this is vibrant. Makes me think of a psychedelic gingerbread man. :) Jacquelynn is right, it IS fun to just have fun. I'm glad you are.

carla said...

He reminds me of little kids when they are acting like superheroes...they take on that stance! He's got a lot of action in him with his posture and all those wild colors. That's great you're doing daily art!

Unknown said...

Very expressive painting!! Love it!

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Hey, the gingerbread man all dolled up!

Love the colours contrasting with that stark background.

They say writers must write every single day too.

Peascod said...

I like this very much. I love the background. How did you create it? I love the colors! jackie

Caroline said...

Jacquelynn - thanks for letting me know where Iko Iko came from. It is fun to just have fun. This funny chap was probably influenced by your fun piece now I think about it... as well as my work from yesterday.

Kathryn - Psychedelic gingerbread man? Maybe if I had made him in edible form I'd have liked him a whole lot more from the beginning... perhaps I chose the wrong medium.

Carla - Superhero Child that's just what I need to be right now. Brave enough to take on the world, although really its only me that is in the way...

Alina - Thanks!

GG - I like the background. I'd been planning on cutting him out entirely but I liked what was left.

Jackie (peascod) - Thank you. I made the background by placing the figure on my mantlepiece for his photograph then I just kept on selecting and deleting bits until what was left is what you see.