Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quirky Tag


I've been tagged! Thanks to Andrea... who tells the secret behind her nick name...

The only hint to this game seems to be that the idea is to mention quirky things about oneself...

And this time there is no time limit, no specific way to calculate how many people to tag next or anything...

  1. I like to know what the rules are! I even read manuals (sob).... so:
    quirky: unusual in an attractive and interesting way

    according to freesearch
    (Which might, to other people, make this, my first fact, inadmissible...)

  2. I like to know what the rules are so that I can break them.

  3. I can be a bit pedantic... what's attractive about that?
    Well I try not to actually say all the pedantic things that occur to me.
    But I really, really, really have to tell you what a meme is!

    A meme is an idea that is passed on from one human generation to another. It's the cultural equivalent of a gene, the basic element of biological inheritance. The term was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene.

    It is often used ironically to refer to short-term things like these tag games... but it does not mean "a quiz"!

    And I've read The Selfish Gene and Susan Blackmore's The Meme Machine.

  4. I can be extremely unpedantic. I like to tease pedants (so now you know why I often keep my own hidden...). And no that doesn't seem like an attractive feature if you happen to be a pedant... well there really is no pleasing some people...

  5. I laugh a lot.

  6. I like celebrating anniversaries, so Jim and I celebrate our getting together day and our wedding anniversary every year - twice the sparkling wine! (The photo above was taken on last year's wedding anniversary on the Stonehenge site).

  7. I get really giggly on sparkling wine straight away.

  8. I have lots of dreams and I don't tell everyone about them all... just the really, really amazing ones...

  9. One amazing dream I had involved meeting two wise women, I was surprised when I met them as they were so young, and had the same face - like identical twins. In the dream they put a hand each on my lower back and said "Don't Ask!".

    A few days later I was on the first day of a new course. There were a couple of women there whom I'd never met before. They were cousins. One of them had the same face as the wise women in my dream.

    I told them about my dream. I told them about the phrase "Don't Ask!". And they went into giggles. It was one of their catch phrases!

    So much for my having thought it was some deep message...

  10. I'm still really good friends with the wise woman who had the face of my wise women.

  11. My phone conversations last either about 10 minutes or an hour.

  12. When walking to the shops I've started looking for things of a specific colour - I've found that makes me see where I live differently - helps me be more observant of what would otherwise be too familiar. Today was a fuschia pink day...

  13. I've always been sensitive about how things feel - as a child I disliked one of my blankets because it had a slippery edge; I still don't like it if one hand is wet and other dry - I'd rather make them both wet or both dry; I love to feel things in shops where they say "Don't touch!".

  14. I started to smile a lot otherwise everyone said "Cheer up love - it might never happen!" My face when in peaceful repose obviously looks sad... But I've taken back ownership of my face, so if you see me and I'm smiling it won't just be to avoid being nagged.

  15. Sometimes I arrange my books by the colours of their spines - this looks lovely but makes finding things trickier.

  16. Just occasionally I absolutely have to eat lettuce, not just any lettuce but "Little Gem". The rest of the time I eat other leaves but no lettuce thanks.

    This could be genetic. I discovered it for myself then my sister said she does it and so does our aunt Eileen...

  17. I love spotting faces in things. Jim took this photo for me of some lichen I'd spotted in Painswick church yard:


That must be enough...

I've just chased all the way up the tags to find that at one point this wasn't "quirks" but "personal idiosyncrasies"... (if I got the right posts...)

Now I'm not going to tag anyone unless they volunteer. I'll add any volunteers in here so that I link to their list. Let me know if you've picked up this tag!

And if no-one volunteers I'll pull a face like the stone at the top - but if someone does then I'll be like the lichen smiley.

1st Volunteer sort-of: Nan - who is making her way through to 100 facts anway... that's a lot... Having a separate 100-fact blog is a good idea!


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Oho, you do that too! Tease pedantic folks because you are one, yourself :-)

Number 8...yep, that's me...the weeeirdest dreams, so strange I'm told I should write them down.

Sounds like you have esp too!

And now you'll have me doing this too, spotting faces in things. My quirk is similar spot people shapes in things.

Caroline said...

GG - writing dreams down takes a lot of time and encourages more - I used to write them all down until I started dreaming I'd written them... now I just write down a few.

andrea said...

This is more like an education that a meme -- thanks, Caroline. (And you managed it in such an unpedantic manner! :) I considered "untagging", too, but I'm the sort of person that never would have done this without the pressure of being tagged, so I assume that others tend to be like me. It's almost the same kind of pressure as a looming exam...

Caroline said...

Andrea - Thanks! And I'm just interested to find out whether anyone wants the quirk of liking doing these things!! And afterall they only need one item, as there are no limits.

Anonymous said...

A great idea! Awhile back, on a blog called "The Enchanted Eye", the blogger posted "100 Things About Me." I liked the idea and did it myself thinking that maybe I could talk my daughters into doing it, too. So far, I am the only one who has posted... I did my items in groups of 25 and I have yet to reach 100 (it's fun, but hard to come up with that many facts/quirks/idiocyncrasies). Here is a link

carla said...

Hi Caroline! Your quirks are fabulous... I am with you on a few...#5 - I love to laugh, and I get very silly whenever we go out to public places where I'm supposed to behave myself, #6 - incredible dreams that stay with me for days sometimes, #7 - one glass I'm silly, 2 glasses I'm sleepy, and #17 - I have found faces everywhere! My favorites are a man in the moon on a marble tile in our shower and a sad lady face on the figured wood counter. I should try to photograph them to share, but i don't think they'd be as distinct as your lichen munchkin.

Hey..I want to tell you that your recent work is just beautiful! Have you been doing all of these in Painter? Lovely:>

Anonymous said...

I was reading through your list again, Caroline, and realized that I too see faces everywhere... in a patterned floor, on the ceiling, in the clouds, in moss on a rock, in the grain or knot of wood. I can remember doing this since I was a kid. Thanks for linking to my "100 things about me"... the link, for some reason, did not work for me.

Caroline said...

Nan - I've fixed the link - it should now work - thanks for letting me know!

Carla - Yes still happy in Painter but the itch to work on something less virtual has sprung up and I haven't decided what I'll be doing. I like the idea of mixing media virtual and non-virtual.

Seeing faces everywhere comes and goes - sometimes I just find an eye or a smile (maybe left behind like the Cheshire cats). Its like getting you eye in for wild strawberries!