Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Zero Balanced

I've just had some zero balancing. The first time I've seen this practitioner but not my first ZB.

Over the years I've tried loads of different therapies and trained in a few too... Including ZB... though I am not currently a practitioner of any. I may do an A-Z of them all at some point.

I've read:

John Hamwee's: Zero Balancing

I found Hamwee's book very useful in explaining ZB to me during and after my course.


Fritz Smith's: Inner Bridges: Guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure

I found the book by Smith (the designer of the Zero Balancing system) excellent for explaining about bone energy. It really informed my other energy work.

ZB has an excellent model for maintaining boundaries and helps ground other energy work into the physical body.

Zero Balancing doesn't claim to treat anything but it certainly helps!


Cream said...

Caro, you have cracked the Painter business! I am still reading the cover!
Keep it up, girl!

Caroline said...

I don't feel I have cracked it but its great that you should think I have!

Thanks for stopping by.

EarthMotherSelfheal said...

Art work is wonderful. I love the feel of it. Thank you so much for sharing it.