Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tagged: 20 random facts

Lyn has tagged me to post 20 random facts about myself and then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes me to write the facts.

  1. I'm five foot, six and half inches tall
  2. I once won a weekend at the Savoy and then got food poisioning just before going...
  3. I love chocolate; it used to give me migraines, but I got cured!
  4. Once long ago I got a Maths degree from Warwick university - just don't ask me to remember any of it
  5. I drink hot water; no tea or coffee - but I do drink hot chocolate.
  6. I'm recovering from ME
  7. I live a shamanically magical life
  8. I talk to guides
  9. I wear socks with toes
  10. My favourite band is the Macaroni Penguins
  11. I designed their logo
  12. And married their bass player
  13. I'm a Clear Spring
  14. I read cards - and I'm rather good at it!
  15. I like gardening and would like a bigger garden
  16. I'd love to live in the country
  17. I'm qualified in health kinesiology and as a flower essence practitioner.
  18. I don't practice either
  19. I've been using the internet since before the web existed... and was a guinnea pig user of early web browsers when I still worked for HP Labs
  20. There are only 19 random facts about me.
I tag:

Wild Mother Lightning
incurable hippie
cecilia's art


Lucy P said...

oh you!
(thinking, mmm... easy post!)


Unknown said...

Thank you (kinda ;) !) for the tag.

My work is done!

pippa x

Anonymous said...

OOhhh, what do you call a spirit who jumps in and out of a body whenever he pleases? He then repays as serving as a guide. This is NOT a joke ...

Cara Carmina said...

what cards do you read??? interesting...


Cream said...

I sometimes talk to guides... Just to ask what time the tour finishes...

Unknown said...

Love you new postings ... cool tag!

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun idea. I enjoyed reading more about you... I had to chuckle at the "recovering from ME" comment. On another blog I check regularly, The Enchanted Eye, the blogger posted "100 Things About Me" which was so fun to read and inspired me to do the same. I know you check my blog from time to time, so when I have all 100 (I'm on 76) I'll post a link.

WCTs said...

I am so glad you did the 20 things!

I once had some socks with toes! This was so fun to read...=^..^=