Saturday, September 17, 2005

Illustration Friday - E's Cape

Collage, and anyone who thinks this is a cop out - no, its an escape...


Anonymous said...

Evidently evading
Effectual escape
Emblematic embellishment

Eventual Erase


JacqueLynn said...

Collages are not a cop out, they are very hard to put together. I like the background and the symbols of death, fantasy, and the literal escape key.

pinomino said...

You have got interesting works. I love to visit your blog. Collages are fantastic and it is not an easy work to combine different kind of pieces together. Well done:)

Caroline said...

Okay so it was a bad joke... it wasn't a cop out, it was the superhero that was out... for examples of my more normal style of collage I've just put some examples up