Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Brunch

We went out for brunch and tried a cafe that is "under new management" on the Gloucester Road.

He had a couple of "pain au chocolat" but they were served cold - yuk! I had the "full English" with scrambled egg (not fried), tomato (not beans), white toast (not brown) and hot chocolate (neither the tea nor the coffee). This didn't look anything special but tasted good. I was glad I'd gone for a hot breakfast; yesterday the weather was on the cool side.

We are unlikely to go back to give them another go because the seats were very uncomfortable - made from metal and with tiny pads that did not cover the whole seat. They do have leather sofas and coffee tables - they looked like they'd be more comfortable to sit in but inconvenient for eating a knife and fork type meal. Maybe I'll go back and have just a hot chocolate and try the sofas out.

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