Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Treasure and maps

Last night we watched the Map Man (Mon 5 Sep, 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm BBC 2) cycle around the lake district on a 70 year old bike, using a 100 year old cycling map. It got me thinking about maps and what a great doll's skin one could make based on a map. I'm in the throws of designing a doll after realising that yesterdays images were the start of one. This picture is of my first doll made last year using the simplest pattern in Creative Cloth Doll Making (us or uk). In October I'm booked on a course run by Patti Medaris Culea to improve my doll making skills.

I looked for some good historical maps on the web but the images I've found are too poor to read clearly. But I did find a good site with ideas for making treasure maps with/for children.

Long ago I made maps by using footprints in washable non-toxic paints on interesting papers. Once dry I added in contours etc. in permanent black ink.

Treasure maps and buried treasure are exciting. What is it that is such fun about it? Solving the puzzle, digging for treasure, or what? The very idea that there are treasures to be found and then that one might have a (secret) map to it; this seems to me to be behind lots of human activities from science to religion...

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Caroline said...

Update - I changed my mind and did not make another doll. I also cancelled my place on the course.... I went on a retreat instead.