Sunday, January 18, 2009

Secret #2 of 12: Honouring Your Inspirations

8:59 Admiring the Rainbow
8:59 Admiring the Rainbow

Tinker recently did a lovely posting on her word for the year - delight - and ever since reading it I've been thinking about what delights me too... and realising that light is indeed one of those things. So when I saw that there was a wonderful splash of sunlight in a dark stormy sky this morning I rushed for my camera - then I noticed it was raining and looking away from the sun I found the rainbow.

9:08 The tail end of the hail stormHowever I'd hardly managed any photos of it before I had to close the window as the storm hit and hail started to bounce in.

I was so glad I had honoured the inspiration of the moment of light and caught the rainbow.

I still have no copy of the 12 secrets book - the people I'd originally ordered it from cancelled my order (though as yet no refund!) and I've had to order from the US which means it may take several weeks... I guess that means I'll have to be creative about what I do without it!

One of the things I've spent time doing in the last week is collecting photos of house numbers to make my own version of a perpetual calendar mentioned on photojojo.

I'd begun to notice that one of the things that had been consistently stirring my interest were displays of multiple images in grids. I know I've been making mosaics for ages so some of you might think I ought to know this about myself already but the ones that are inspiring me right now are collections of images hung on walls. And the best thing about the photojojo site is they mentioned a type of clips to use:


I ordered some Lomo Lomography Fotoclips immediately from gadgetpoint and they came next day!

I may well make the calendar numbers rather more colourful before printing them but here is a mosaic of the first 1-12 as they currently are:

36 of the numbers from my Calendar Project

I've also been tidying my bookshelves. One of our problems is that we have too many books so the shelves are stacked 2 deep. This time whilst resorting them I've also been photographing the books that will be at the back. These will then make a photographic index, hung with the clips, to help us find our otherwise hidden books. And maybe also make an interesting display.

There is more yet to do on the calendar project and the books but once done these will all be going off to be printers - what fun - I can hardly wait to get them back!


Genie Sea said...

So many exciting projects! Love looking at and reading about them.

Don't worry about not having the book. The meaning really is in the community and their wonderful inspiration and support! :)

Lisa said...

Loving the house numbers project!

ANd Genie's right about the book. (I am reading it, but it's kinda, "eh" for me personally anyways - tho you may love it once you get your hands on it.)

Caroline said...

Genie Sea - thanks. Its great to have the support!

Kavindra - thank you too! I'll have to wait and see... glad you are enjoying the group despite the eh-book!

Lisa said...

Oh that is so interesting! Those clips are really cool. I'll have to look into those.

Love the book pics. I made a decision this week to go through my bookshelves and get rid of books that I don't love or don't inspire me or I'm just frankly never going to read again. You've reinforced that decision.

Caroline said...

Lisa - you can build 3d structures as well as 2d with the clips!

I've been selling some of the no longer needed books and others will be off to the charity shops soon.

Nadya said...

What a fun project the house number calendar is! Frustrating about the book - I was late getting Soul Coaching, & intend to 'sometime' re-do the whole month :) Still got a lot out of the group energy - as is true here :)
I had my favorite 'purse calendar' on order - I thought! Was looking thru my in-box for when i'd ordered it, & saw I missed an 'out of stock' notice that came the same day!! Fortunatly, the artist had sug. another source (really popluar this year) so I just ordered it AGAIN! Meanwhile, writing my apts (& this yr's dates) in last year's calendar by the same artist . . . so still have longer to wait for this year's to come in!

& I've also been thinking of doing some 'book thining' - these notes are inspiring :)

Her Speak said...

What a clever idea! I should do that...

I've seen grid calendars like that and every time I do I say: "You know, that's a killer idea!" Something Dada about it that appeals to me.

I hope your book comes soon!:) Thank you for sharing the beauteous photograph!

Much Joy, Merry Making~*

Jenn said...

Your projects sounds like they are lots of fun! I can totally relate to having too many books. I'm always amazed by how they seem to multiply on me. Taking pictures of the ones at the back is a great idea to remember what is where. I think that's a great way to index things in general and might do that for some of my general crafting supplies that are in boxes.

I agree that you don't need this book to join in the self-discovery. Reading the different posts and perspectives and thinking about each topic yourself you will probably find you are able to keep up without any problem.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

extra creativity points for playing without the book! love the images you've shared - especially the numbers. I so enjoy seeing beauty in everyday things like that! Your calender project will be wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

andrea said...

I LOVE the calendar project grid.

Leah said...

oo, just had a thought about how you can start reading the book. You could use the "search inside this book" feature in amazon to search for chapter 1 and read as many pages as they allow you to read each day!

Anonymous said...

That is a DeLightful rainbow, Caro - I'm so glad you found it! Thank you for your kind words about my post. I'm inspired by your book storage ideas - we have far too many books too (though K has the larger investment in them and is reluctant to part with many of them - so I won't be able to clear out much) - but perhaps I can make some more order out of them all. The photoclips look fabulous.
The hailstones look deLightful too, sparkling like little diamonds, but they also look very cold! Stay warm!

claireylove said...

The house numbers project is fantastic ~ very inspiring to me!

Jamie said...

That is so, so cool! I am absolutely tickled with delight over what you are creating!

Delight - what a wonderful, not-used-nearly-often-enough word!

Mjfontaine said...

I don't have the book either still waiting for that but hey its life and we are doing fine. Love the House number project and your avatar is classic lol....

Ellen said...

The house calender is wonderful, in beautiful England you have all that diversity to carry out such a great project. Over here house numbers are pretty much all the same.

(Same as people who are kind to animals,I only trust people with enormous book collections.)

Suzie Ridler said...

Very cool idea with the clips and photos, so smart! I hope you get a copy of the book soon.

magpie said...

oh! the order of your book modules! grids. love em.