Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Stocking

Teasel has been getting over excited by Christmas so we've put her stocking up early. The snow-being in it was one of the first decorations that she stole from the boxes of decorations that were "secure" in the spare room...

Later she helped me make a wreath for our door - she found the holly on the pavement and added bite marks for decoration:


However, later still, she was caught red-mouthed with this present, the only one so far to have arrived by post... which had been put, we thought, out of reach:

Teasel on CCCTV

It is now even higher up in the boughs of the fibre-optic Christmas tree:

Damaged Present

Jim decorated it yesterday and found three cute reindeer decorations to put on it. I don't remember these at all... perhaps that's part of the fun of Christmas - the surprises in the decorations box!

This tree is currently in the hall.

In the past we've had it in the sitting room but those lights flashing all the time drove me so mad that I put a set of ordinary Christmas tree lights on it and kept the fibre-optics off most of the time! In the hall its constant twinkle is much better and more welcoming!

I may not have time to post again before Christmas - so Merry Christmas to you all!

What's a Dalek have to do with it?


andrea said...

Your decorations are lovely and natural looking and Merry Christams to you, too! We chose a small tree this year, maybe 4' tall, so we could put it on a speaker (one of those honking big ones from the '80s) and Jesse would not be so tempted to smaple everything!

Anonymous said...

I can't look at constant twinkling anymore either - it sounds like you've come up with a good solution.
Your decorations are lovely, Caroline -- how sweet of Teasel to help you decorate ;-) I haven't decorated much at all inside this year - with the kitten playing and exciting the older cats about the decorations, they all just go behind me 'undecorating' - or maybe decorating the floor is the feline version of Christmas decor!

Wishing you and Jim a very merry Christmas - and a very merry first Christmas to Teasel!~xOx

Caroline said...

Andrea - I do hope you succeed in keeping Jesse off the tree - they do seem to regard them as oversized sticks at times... just avoid all edible ornaments!

Tinker - I'm sure the cats see themselves as all the decoration the house requires - anything more would be overkill!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Teasle is going to have so much fun! OMG, is that a dalek?! I have never seen a figurine for them before! How cool is that?

Have a cool Yule too!

Anji said...

Merry Christmas! My eye was drawn to the dalek too. The best part of decorating the tree for me is the box full of memories.

Clever teasel finding a sprig of holly.

Joanna said...

Merry Christmas Caroline! I had to turn my mums twinkling tree off when I visited, it was making my eyes go funny.

Tinker said...

Stopped back by to let you know, I'm thinking of you and to wish you ~


May your holidays be filled with love, light, laughter and many, many blessings~xOx

Ellen said...

I'm late, but truly hope you had a lovely Christmas. Puppies and trees? much like toddlers. We made salt dough decorations when my kids were younger and absently left them on the tree to be licked and chewed by our dogs, oops.

Anonymous said...

Your decorations look both pretty and fun! I hope you had a very happy Christmas & best wishes for a wonderful New Year! I just took a quick look through your recent posts... I love that you always see faces in things... as long as they don't start talking to you :)

Krimo said...

All the best for the New Year, Caro.

Anji said...

I'm back to wish you a Happy New Year, all the best for 2009

merlinprincesse said...

I laughted sooo much seeing what Teasel has done! She's as funny as Chausson!!!!
Have a Happy New 2009 Year, dear Caroline!