Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot Dog!

Hot Dog!

This month there have been any number of synchronicities and general happenings around hot dogs - here are a few:
  • The MSH had a category "hot dog" for which I submitted the above photo
  • Despite being told not to feed a dog pork I've also been told by lots of people that sausages, and in particular hot dogs, are wonderful as treats during training
  • Jim likes the children's cartoons about Charlie and Lola - he showed me one he'd recently recorded that featured Lola "training" a friends dog who is called Sizzles and "will do anything for sausages" - after watching it we went out and for the first time met a dachshund in the park
  • Soon after this I bought a fox from the dog toys available at the vets... Jim then pointed out that Lola had a fox toy she's got Sizzles to play with... not so much a synchronicity as suggestion!
    Who is sleeping in my bed?
  • We've enrolled on a puppy training course and one of the recommended training treats is hot dogs - when I saw the price of the ones specifically for dogs I was rather amazed - when asked the trainer said that those for human consumption were okay for dogs... so I got a tin from Tesco but I didn't like them much... then yesterday I was in Waitrose and not thinking about hot dogs at all when I overheard a woman rejecting the jar of Frankfurters that some Waitrose staff had found for her and then being led off to the fresh ones in the chillers.

    I stooped down (they were on the bottom shelf) and picked them up - it was the last jar there! And they are altogether nicer than the Tesco ones... if I have to share sausages with my dog these will do!

    I also looked at the ones in the chillers but they won't last long enough... Teasel is so small she only needs about quarter of a sausage to make lots and lots of treats!
  • We've been out with hot dogs as rewards for coming when called a couple of times - she is pretty good at coming for these... the day I forgot them and attempted to use less tasty dried treats she seemed to go deaf ;-)
Yesterday in the park was this little girl in her Halloween costume a little early:

Cat meets Dog


Dru Marland said...

you can get nice frankfurters in jars at LIDL.... just saying.

I made gilt gingerbread decorations for the Christmas tree one year, and the lurcher pulled the tree down and ate 'em all. Grrr.

Caroline said...

I shall check out LIDL next chance I have - thanks for the suggestion!

Sounds like edible tree decorations might have to be avoided... I'll remember that too.

Connie said...

I've been thinking of you and Teasel (and Jim, of course)and hoping for some more photos! Bella adores carrots, but then as you probably noticed, Bella will eat anything! Best wishes to you all!

andrea said...

Hot diggity dog but that's a good post! :)

Anonymous said...

Hot diggity dog - what a fun post -hot dogs and a cool kitty cat! Happy All Hallow's Eve, Caroline (though it's so late, it must be actual All Hallow's there by now!

Webradio said...

Ouaaahhh !
Very pretty photos...
Beautiful post !

Tony LaRocca said...

We are all one... with the hot dog!

GreenishLady said...

Oooh. I went away for a while, and so this is my first chance to catch up on puppy. So, so cute. What a doggy-post. I'm so jealous! She looks absolutely gorgeous. Never gave Trixie hot-dogs, but she loved carrots too, and stalks from cabbage or cauliflower, too.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

You won't believe what dogs here like...

very ripe mangoes.

That photo of the little girl in costume with Teasle is's only 1/2 showing on my screen, don't know why. But I can see enough and it's adorable.