Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do Something Different!

Night Glow

Sorry to have been absent rather longer than planned - Jim has removed an old carpet from the room where my computer is normally kept and then he sealed and painted the concrete floor but its still too smelly for me to be down there so we've moved my computer up to the dining room where its a bit in the way but at least usable!

Over the last few days we've been entertaining Jim's mother, Mary, who came to see the Bristol Balloon Fiesta which was on from last Thursday to Sunday. The night glow is shown above.

Now she has gone and I'm planning to start a specific programme from The No Diet Diet: Do Something Different. The idea is to break the habits that keep one set in one's ways and that consequently lead to weight gain. The first week is about breaking some non-food habits. But I'm a bit stuck already as I don't have the specific habits they target - though I'm sure I'll find something else. Here are the first 7 days worth of tasks:
  1. Avoid TV / radio all day. Maybe I'll have to avoid reading.
  2. Write something for 15 minutes - something you wouldn't have written anyway. (I think this will be fun).
  3. Don't have your favourite drink. They suggest drinking water instead. But water IS my favourite drink.
  4. Go for a 15-minute walk - one that is not part of any normal routine. (I like the sound of this).
  5. Get up an hour earlier. This is rather assuming a set getting-up time... I get up anytime between 5.30 and 8.30...
  6. Make a list of what you want to achieve by this time next year. (I rather refused to do this when Carla suggested it in her wingsforyou challenges so its time I did it...)
  7. Do a good-natured deed for someone else. (I rather hope I'd do this anyway but I'll be extra aware of the possibility that day).
Anyone else feeling like breaking some habits?


Anonymous said...

How funny! I know how much you enjoy synchronicity... and here I am visiting you after such a long, long time... and I see you mention one of my wings challenges under #6! Funny too that I have recently decided to be extra mindful about breaking a habit I have of interrupting people from time to time when we're talking. It's unconscious, but certainly not something I want to do! So there! I'm in on this one with you. I also wanted to mention that I have become very interested in exploring SoulCollage both for my own personal development and as a tool in my coaching practice. Have you taken workshops, or are you self-taught? I'd love to know more about your experiences with it :)

Caroline said...

Hi Carla - I'll email you about the SoulCollage. Good luck with the habit breaking!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it certainly sounds like a good idea - though I have so many bad habits to choose from, I'm not sure I could give ALL of them up at once...
Doing something different does seem like a good way to change things around a bit, and maybe shake some of them loose. Thanks for sharing this, Caro!

Caroline said...

Tinker - the way to break more than one habit is to gain in awareness generally. The book is about doing just that. I'll post a bit about it soon...