Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

Random splatters by Caroline in Corel Painter

Soulbrush popped in and has inspired me to tell 6 random things about myself. (You can see hers here).

To make them as random as possible I'm using a random word generator to prompt me:
  1. chopped - I took a term of Karate when I was 22 - I stopped after that because I felt the instructor was ogling me too much and besides I was having a lot of difficulty remembering the forms.
  2. prolonged - well the obvious one is that I've been off-work since 1996 but that's not new so how about a more positive one - when I was in my teens I was did a 12 hour sponsored dance and enjoyed almost every moment of it...
  3. club - I'm not currently a member of any club but I have been in the past a member of the following sorts of clubs: archery, bridge, chess, go, TM, yoga.
  4. undoing - my undoing has been chocolate, and now unsweetened cocoa! But is that news? No probably not... well how about a terrible tendency to have things stop working as soon as I've publicly claimed that they are working... do you think mentioning it now will take its power away?
  5. institution - I went to Warwick to do Maths - it had been an institute of Mathematics before it was even a university - but the reason I went there was because it was nearer home than most of my other options...
  6. flags - Irises are one of my favourite flowers. The Yellow Flag Iris is gorgeous but a bit too big for our town garden's pond.
If you fancy having a go at this I really recommend using that random word generator to nudge you.


soulbrush said...

ha ha good one, are you asure he was oggling you, or were you ogling him?

Caroline said...

SB - well he might simply have been disapproving of my bright pink lycra which was not standard karate kit!

Anonymous said...

Using the random word generator is such a fun idea!
I love to dance, but I'm not sure if I'd love dancing for 12 hours - that's quite an accomplishment - as is your #5 - I am in awe, being somewhat mathematically-challenged, myself.
Perhaps now that you've let #4, know that you're 'on to it,' it will stop working...one can hope!