Friday, May 23, 2008

Smile please, its Friday

Appetizer: Wii, Playstation or XBox?

None thanks. Once upon a time I used to be seriously into games... but that was long ago... In the 1980s I loved adventure: You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

Soup: Would you ever go skydiving?

No. I lost a very good friend who was an experienced skydiver but had a midair collision. I hadn't fancied it before, now I'd never consider it.

Salad: Name a sequel that you think is better than the original movie.

I can't think of one....

Main Course: Share your most wonderful birthday celebration.

Someone else's, not mine!

Dessert: If you dare, post a picture of yourself making a silly face.

Okay this is the reason I decided to do the Friday Feast this time...


I did this as a joke but I've come to realise just how much this says about me. I have my eyes closed and a serious expression on my own face but over that is drawn a smiley.

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Tina said...

LOVE that face!! So fun!

Sorry about the friend you lost.

Thanks for doing my feast.

Have a great weekend!

andrea said...

This is brillinat! It would make a good avatar. As for those twisty little passages, it sounds shockingly like a *role-playing game* to me (gasp). As of Xmas we buckled and got an X-Box. Oblivion, the closest to a D&D game, is the big hit amongst the boys here.

Dru Marland said...


Me too.

Makeup, or photoshop? -it's very striking either way.

Caroline said...

my goodness - thank you for the feast!

Andreal - yes that's a good idea, shrink it right down and only the smile will show!!!

And what's so shocking about role playing games I used to play D&D (that's with people and no machines at all) at uni - it was fab - I didn't worry too much about the rules and just used it like a drama class but without anyone to criticize my acting skills! Loosened up some of the more rule obsessed people... :)

Dru - both analogue and digital. I made up first and then added the yellow and improved the lines digitally.

I'm attempting to face this aspect of myself and
I still find it rather scary to be truthful...

Ellen said...

D&D was fun, I felt honoured my much older brother would let me play with all his brainy physics friends. Nothing like playing with imagination over all these intensely visual electronic games we have now (oops, showing my age).

Love the picture and also the t-shirt! where did you get that?

Caroline said...

Ellen - glad to hear there is someone else around who is happy to have played D&D!

The shirt is Jim's (my husband) and he got it whilst on a business trip to San Fransisco rather a long time ago... it was from "some computer shop" but he's no idea which... :-(

Anonymous said...

What a truly great photo -
All the more creatively brilliant, I think, since it has such personal meaning to you...
I think that's the largest part of what can make artwork truly great - that's it's meaningful for both the artist and the observer...

Caroline said...

Tinker - thank you - there is another version - on flickr - of a stage before this:

which I called "The things I do for art..."