Wednesday, March 19, 2008

360 degrees of freedom

This is my collage for my affirmation board the final step in the exercise Carla set this week.

See my previous posting today for the affirmations themselves.

Carla called this exercise Your Zen Suitcase™ - I called it Zen Luggage saying I objected to the trademark - but then I realised the real reason why... on March 5th (the day before Carla started her "Wings 4 You Coaching" blog) Jim and I had been to the zoo. In the centre of the collage, carrying, not a suitcase but a rucksack, and acting as my sherpa, is Jim at the zoo. He is proving that his wingspan is wide though not quite as wide as the biggest birds - behind his head the sign says "Spread Your Wings" - his head is covering the Y....

I am glad I spotted this synchronicity!

Jim's support is one of the things I'd like to acknowledge and affirm, something that I value very much. I'm very glad that he is in my life.

I've also included: chocolate, a Zen zafu with art supplies on it and a magnet, someone else's lucky old shoe, a photo taken using a fisheye, a faceted bead that creates another effect, a completed crossword (mostly done by Jim!), a camera and a few other things that seemed appropriate.

P.S. This is my 360th post on this blog - hence the title of this post.


Ellen said...

What a wonderful exercise to strengthen self discovery. I love the idea of a visual affirmation board, it seems to add so much more than words alone. Your description below of fate is great. I think I'll have to print that one out if you don't mind. It's good to have that reminder to accept that much of life is beyond our control. I've enjoyed reading all this.

Caroline said...

girl work studios - Carla's exercises are good aren't they - I've taken rather a lot of time over them this week but its been time well-spent.

And yes of course I'm happy that you borrow the fate affirmations. I'm glad that they speak to you.

andrea said...

I've been lax -- must read the fate affirmations and catch up. I love that Jim is in the middle and congrats on your 360th. You have come full circle! :)

Anonymous said...

Go Jim! He makes a the funny lion :) Congratualtions on your 360th post!

I'm taking a week off ... ;)

Caroline said...

Andrea - well its meant to have been me in the middle but he is the one carrying the rucksack!

My hand is there - holding the faceted bead that was the closest I got to a self-portrait here.

And although I'm not expecting him to do these exercises I know he'll support me in them.

He's been great in helping in so many ways.

Anonymous - yes he does. But then he makes funny all sorts of things and he thinks I'm the funny one! Have a good break.

Everydaythings said...

oh I do like your collage and the synchroninity of the title of the post. Looks like were both enjoying the challenge and getting much out of it!

Caroline said...

Krissie - Thank you. 360 degrees of freedom might mean I, like you, could do with a compass.