Friday, April 06, 2007

IF - Green

Relax in Green

Relax in Green by Caroline using Corel Painter IX

Images used in this remix include from flickr with appropriate CC licenses:

Here Be Squirrels by Nyx
Fluorite octahedron by MShades
Regal Queen by laszlo-photo
morning glory by only alice
nuez (a tropical nut) pendant with malachite inlay by kafka4prez
Graphium sarpedon by melop

I have recently been making SoulCollage® cards which are done by collaging whole images together . I love the effects created by the changes in background and juxtapositioning of previously unrelated images. Most people do these with magazines, scissors and paste but I've been mostly doing them digitally. The above image is a variation on one that I call The Relaxation Teacher - I put it together specifically for this week's Illustration Friday's theme of Green.

More of my SoulCollage® cards
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Anonymous said...

The colors are good enough to dive into - all cool. Which, here, is not good since it's cold and the heat is on. I'd like this image on my porch in the middle of August. It would be perfect.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Oh glorious, glorious day, for me to discover this collage today when I'm feeling so cranky. I love the fish swimming in the air, leaves in the background.

andrea said...

Very juicy image. I love that you've used a fish out of water.

steve said...

Wow, way to go Caroline. I didn't even have to check the If site either! I really like the idea of juxtaposing unrealted images together and making it work, as is here. This is really vibrant and dreamlike. Looking forward to more from you!

Michelle Lana said... the blending of all the colors!

Cream said...

Really good, Caro!
Great idea to use the tree as background.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely verdant green it is, too! Even though the fish is out of water, this still leaves me with a feeling of a peaceful - if surreal - dream.

Caroline said...

Tammy Vitale

Sorry to hear its not good colours for you - here its been warm, very warm for April.

GG - Glad you like it. My relaxation teacher card does help me get rid of crankiness too!

Andrea - thank you O mistress of fish!

Steve - thanks.

Michelle Lana - hello welcome - thank you I do like to do my collages digitally to get that blending.

Cream - thanks - its a great horse chestnut isn't it!

Tinker - Ah you are close to what I feel the message is... :-)

Joanna said...

I love the composition and colour of this one Caroline, I'd really like this one and the one with the butterfly, they seem to have an endless beauty that I would like to look at daily!

pati said...

Love your collage. Colors are just perfect! :)

Happy Easter! :)

Dave said...

Beautiful, I'm sure you could sell cards with this on.

Caroline said...

Jo - thank you - I'm glad you like them so much!

Pati @-;-- hi! Thank you!

Davem - the creative commons licenses probably aren't for commercial use... but thanks for the compliment!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

What a gorgeous, soothing image.


nice job, great colors

Andrew Thornton said...

You've done a wonderful job of creating content by relating various things together. It forces the viewer to construct a narrative between the objects and entities. Very dreamy! Very cool!

merlinprincesse said...

I'm amazed by the beauty of what you have done. Dreamy! :)


beautiful work!