Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All the answers?

Book of Answers
Today I noticed that this book - the promisingly named "Book of Answers" has instructions for use on the back - having read them I thought the most obvious question to ask was whether the way that I'd just read was the best way to use the book. So I opened it, using their instructions, with this in mind....


It said Never!

So then I thought perhaps I'd better ask if the way I normally use the book was better. And I got:


There is good reason to be optimistic!

So I will continue to just hold it, think of something silly to ask, and open it right up.

If you would like to consult the book please leave a question in the comments and I'll answer it via the book.


steve said...

Heh heh. My question si, where did you find that doll at. He looks mischevious to me, not sure if he can be trusted with such a book. Anyhow, I wonder if there is a book of Yes/No's? Have you ever seen the infamous Andy Warhol where he simply answered the reporter with either a yes or a no? Very much to the point.

Caroline said...

This ladybird was one of the ones I got from a charity shop - its great isn't it. Seeing as you asked a question - even if not really answerable I'll see what the book says:

Make a list of why

Tinker said...

I wonder if the previous comment is a spambot...Hmm...Does it have to be a yes or no answer? No - wait that's not the question! Neither is the other one, the question - well, they're questions, but I don't want to waste my question on them...I didn't did I? Oh no - that was another question! I think I better go think about this some more...

Caroline said...

Tinker - thanks yes that one has now been deleted... As to your other questions:
Does it have to be a yes or no answer?
A suitable effort will be required

I didn't did I?
Better to wait

tee hee!

Joy Eliz said...

Ha! I love this post... But... what should I ask?
Yes, that's my question! hee-hee!

Caroline said...

Joy Eliz - "It'll cost you!" and yes that is the answer!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee - that's a very tricky book. I'm still pondering my REAL question.

Johnnynorms said...

Who, what, why, when, which, where and how? I think that amply demonstrates my inability to think of the One Question!

steve said...

Oh, yes, I thought I've seen that mischevious grin somewhere else before!

Caroline said...


Steve - it is mischievous isn't it - I think its the eyes that make it so much so.

Cream said...

Clever ladybird, Caro...

GreenishLady said...

A question? (this is like finding a lamp and giving it a rub with my sleeve and a puff of smoke... ) Sorry... question.

Should I really?

Caroline said...

Cream - thank you! And as a special this is a message for you from the book:


tee hee

Greenishlady - your answer is:


I hope that helps!


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Hello Book, can I TRUST you to tell the truth?

Tony LaRocca said...

That's like the story of the guy who was poor, so he asked his friend what to do. His friend told him open the bible and put his finger down, and he would find his answer. The next time his friend saw him, the man was wearing fancy clothes & had a nice car. When his friend asked what part of the bible he had pointed to, the man replied, "Chapter 11"

Caroline said...

GG - "The Circumstances will change very quickly"

I'm not sure if that does answer your question but its what the book said!

Tony - I had to find out what "chapter 11" means in wikipedia - its an American thing isn't it meaning bankruptcy - sorry your joke didn't work here in the UK!

Reluctant Nomad said...

A few questions:

Should we be bothered about global-warming?

What age will I live to be?

What makes sense?

Caroline said...

Should we be bothered about global-warming?


What age will I live to be?


What makes sense?


tee hee

Ian russell said...

this post reminds me of Johnny Nash top 10 hit; there are more questions than answers, and the final line: the more I find out the less I know.

did you read my synchronicity? I saw The Artist's Way in Waterstones, remembered what you wrote about it so I opened it at random and the page was all about Discovering Synchronicity.

Happy St. George's Day to you, Caroline. Are you wearing a red rose?

Reluctant Nomad said...

I think YOU invented those answers!!! :-)

Caroline said...

Reluctant Nomad - no all from the book used my way! No need to cheat when it comes up with such good ones.