Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mandala ATCs

Sorry my blog has been neglected recently... I've been making things and not getting round to showing them...
Above is what my table looked like whilst making some of the affirmation mandalas for a swap... its over 3 years since I did my first (and previously only) ATC swap... at that time I felt really uncomfortable with the format... but I don't like things beating me... so here I am having another go... and for this swap we've over 20 to make!

The ones at the front which say "Mandala Swap" on them are examples of the backs I printed out onto card.

I experimented in a bigger format first, in my Soul Journal and on a larger card:

For the second one I took the crocus kaleidoscopic mandalas that I'd made and printed out and then folded them to make holes - like the snowflake decorations I'd made as a child. This meant that the tissue I put underneath showed through.

Kathryn asked if anyone was noticing mandalas all over the place. I have. Here is one I saw on a car:

And here is one I made as a tarot cloth four years ago. I kept on looking at it recently and suddenly realised it was a mandala too:

You can see a reading I did with it and posted to this blog in my first month of blogging.


tinker said...

Lovely mandalas. Twenty ATCs! that's quite a lot! But it does sound like fun - esp. as the Universe keeps showing them to you. Enjoy!

Genie Sea said...

So magical and diverse. One can get lost gazing at them :)

Caroline said...

Tinker - thanks - I've enjoyed making mandalas before so its fun to explore a new way of making them.

Genie Sea - thank you.

LissaL said...

They are really beautiful.If only I could have your creativity for just a little while:) I got my supplies but never got round to making them. Maybe over spring break.

Joanna said...

Love the mandalas you have been making, good that you have been neglecting your blog, means I haven't missed too much while I've forgotten to visit...head full of mush!