Thursday, February 14, 2008

Say it with Roses, Hearts and.... Marmite!

Say it with Roses, Hearts and.... Marmite!

What a wonderful Valentine morning - Jim had baked me a fruit and nut bread to make up for the lack of chocolates - I'm avoiding sugar this year and have so far kept the resolution pretty well! But also 12 red roses!!!

I'd really hoped to get the "I Love You" Marmite for Jim before today, but hadn't manged to find it until we went shopping at Waitrose today. Jim says it smells of Champagne, but to me it just smells like Marmite.

I hope you all got something to your taste. I made this mosaic from the hearts I spotted over the last few days.

This is what I did for my neighbour, using a photo of one of her cats and written in lolcat:

Happeh Valentinez Dai!


Anonymous said...

OH MY I don't want to talk like a fluffy animal ... I have feathers!

Had to finish eating Christmas chocolates before Valentine's Day - oh the pressure! Now have until Easter ... glad you had a good one :)

Leah said...

i just love that lolcat you made!

Caroline said...

Anonymous - we've had a couple of boxes of chocolates left over since Christmas. They've remained unopened to help me stick to my resolution yesterday I specifically gave Jim permission to eat them provided he didn't leave the open boxes lying around looking beseeching (is that the word I want, don't quite know where it came from... not lolcat anyway!)

Leah - thank you - Ralph (the cat) has that rather direct look which always gets me feeling guilty - I fed him and his brother for 3 weeks whilst their owner was in Australia and ever since Ralph has been in a huff with me... perhaps for not coming over and feeding them still.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline

I like your heart collage - I had a similar idea with my valentine's window post. And maybe you'd like this Lolcat post from another Heather.

Anonymous said...

Lovely roses, Caroline. I like your heart collage, and the cat language certainly did make me lol.
I had to go look up marmite though - sort of a savory spread, is what I gathered - not sure if I got that right or not.
Glad you had such a great day!~xox

Caroline said...

heatheronhertravels - so you did, sorry I've not been visiting your blog much - my interest in travel is very low - I feel its better, from a green point of view, to holiday in this country in general, saving abroad for "once in a life time". I started to feel like this when I was working for Hewlett Packard and having to travel for work. I like reading blogs from people in other parts of the world and feel that is how I travel these days. Of course I may go and visit some of them someday.

Tinker - thank you! Marmite is something that seems to be a British taste. I know I saw it for sale in California but only in shops that cater for British ex-pats. I don't recommend you buy it though as unless you've been brought up on it you are unlikely to like it. And quite a lot of people in this country don't like it anyway!

merlinprincesse said...


Joy Eliz said...

Love the mosaic.
The cat - precious!!
I wish you were my neighbor!!! :)