Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Overcharging Synchronicity

Wow! Not a Bargain!
Wow! Not a Bargain! - spotted in a shop window last summer.

For the first time last week I heard about someone being overcharged on their credit card by mistake. She'd paid £325 instead of £25 for flea spray at the vets. Luckily for her the vets spotted their mistake and have refunded her the £300.

Now, talking to another friend, I find that one of her friends has not been so lucky. She was charged £99.95 for a £9.95 plant. She only noticed when she got her statement and on contacting the garden centre they are claiming that their till shows that she bought more than one plant and has not been incorrectly charged at all. She, unfortunately, has lost her receipt....

The moral of this story is always check the amount is correct before you type in your PIN!

What I don't know is whether this synchronicity has anything else for me... any ideas?


Leah said...

I think I may have experienced the most ridiculous overcharge ever. The hubster and I stayed at a four seasons hotel for a mini-moon after our wedding in October. Instead of charging us $2000 for our meals and stay, they billed us for 2 million. lol! We looked over the bill and my stomach dropped. I couldn't imagine what we could have done or purchased for that much money! Fortunately the woman at the desk saw it and she had to call a manager in to fix it. Our credit card wouldn't have been able to charge that much anyways, but oh my, I definitely got spooked for a minute!

Glad to see you blogging again, Caroline!

Caroline said...

Wow that one certainly takes the biscuit!

I'm glad to be back - thanks for popping by.

Tinker said...

What a lot of overcharging! Especially Leah's - $2 million - wow!