Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A brush with the law

#21 Brush with the law

Last night's dreaming involved Jim handing me a new paint brush. The strange dream part of this was that as he handed it to me he was clearly dressed as a policeman, which is not a normal part of his wardrobe... I was planning on taking a photo simply involving him handing me a brush... then as I came home from the shops I noticed that there was a police car in the street... the police man was very obliging and, after checking that the brush wasn't stolen, allowed me to take the above photo.

When I woke up from the dream I thought it was a great way of being given permission, by my dream self, to paint.... it was Jim who pointed out the pun.... and that it was "a brush with the law".

I have been thinking about doing some finger painting... which, rather than brushes, would involve recording my finger prints. :)

Following on from recent dreams about the Dalai Lama and blue-breasted buddhas I thought the least I could do was call in at a fairly recently opened Buddhist shop near me. The man who cleans our windows is also a sculptor and told me I should go in and see his Krishna sculpture.


Whilst there I photographed their Namkhas and discovered that in November they are having a Namkha-making day... I might go along.

I didn't know it was called sky weaving until I looked it up on their website - the woman in the shop had simply referred to them as Namkha - but the idea of sky weaving seems to have got itself into the reflection:

Sky Weaving


Joanna said...

sky weaving conjures up such beautiful images Caroline.

Caroline said...

What timing Joanna - I bought some sticks yesterday so I could attempt to make my own today!