Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iko Uko

Drawing of "product" on shelves at the hairdressers in sketch book... I just don't stick to realistic at the moment even when that's how I start...


My plans to attend Imedla the greenishlady's SoulCollage® workshop are getting more concrete.

(Update: I've booked my tickets!)

I had another couple of synchronicities with Ireland today.

I go to the hairdressers once every 3-4 months - I like my hairdresser but don't see her any more often - too expensive! - when I went in today it was with great interest to discover that she'd just come back from spending a long weekend in Ireland - to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a friend. She was on Achill which is an island off the West coast of Ireland. Its the first time she'd ever been to Ireland.

On the way home I had the car radio on. Radio 4's afternoon play (this link will only work for the next 7 days) was on, it was set in Ireland:

Tuesday 20 March

The Comedian

By Joseph O'Connor, dramatised by Shane Connaughton

Paddy Plunkett thinks he's Dublin's finest comedian. if only his ten-year-old son would agree.

Also today I bought a pair of clogs - I'd got a pair of Iko clogs at the beginning of December last year - I've loved them so much I got another pair.

Then I had a hot chocolate in The Guild's cafe. I was sitting savouring it when I noticed the sugar said Uko on it.

So Iko, Uko:
  • I'm a knock out, You're a knock out
  • I'm okay but backwards and so are you
  • I knock out, You knock out
  • Something else?
  • Any ideas?


andrea said...

All in all a perfect day -- and synchronicities as icing! Fun to read.

Caroline said...

Andrea - yes it is being a great day! Thanks.

steve said...

Love the humorous line drawing Caroline. I had some synchronicities this week where two moms came in on two different days to pick up their kids from he afterschool art classes i teach. Both of them mentioned how they love seeing their kids' art and how they were art majors years ago and wished they were making art again. I told them how just last week I started the Artist's Way and wrote it down for them. They seemed pretty psyched about it!

Caroline said...

Steve - that's great that you are bumping into people who might like to do the AW just when you are doing it! Brilliant!

Ian russell said...

is that a self-portrait ghosting through your artwork, caroline? it looks like your sidebar avatar. maybe it's the reflection in the hairdresser's mirror.

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline,
Visiting your blog is like picking up a spiritual magnifying glass. You notice so many things that slip by me. I like the sketch of hair products -- very whimsical. I somehow managed to miss your intention of going to Green Lady's workshop. That's really exciting and wonderful.

Caroline said...

Ian - well-spotted! I did start a self-portrait too... and I bet you are right that I was being influenced in chosing that orientation to draw myself in by having got used to seeing my avatar in it..

Potato Print - the intention to visit Ireland had only been mentioned once in my very long Sunday posting... easy to miss! The problem with being so grounded in details is the length of time it takes to explain them - of course pictures often do this far more succinctly.

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Love the drawings of product with faces - made me laugh. And I especially love the word play at the end - how imaginative. I don't know that I would have every noticed something like that and gotten that word play. Thanks for expanding my world!

Caroline said...

Thanks Tammy - it is funny what one person notices and another doesn't - I bet you notice all sorts of things that I miss.

Tinker said...

Ok, this sent me off into the google world of babelfishing, and this is what I've dredged up so far in my intensive 5 minute research :)
From Wikipedia (regarding a traditional Mardi Gras song, "Iko Iko" which is really in a way, a re-naming of the song "Jock-a-mo"): the phrase Iko Iko may have been derived from one or more of the languages of Gambia, possibly from the phrase Ago!, meaning "listen!" or "attention!".
Oops! I've lost the "uko" - be right back!

Tinker said...

OK - "Uko" from the Internet Living Learning Swahili Center site (I intentionally brought the whole phrase, in case there's anything else that can be gleaned from it):

Nzuri (Fine, as a response to "How are you?), nataraji (I hope) uko (you are) salama (well). Usijali (Don't worry) nitakufunza (I will teach you) kiswahili (duh, swahili).
Don't know how helpful this is - just thought I'd share it.
Thus ends my brilliantly brief career as a research assistant! :-)

What fun to have so many synchronicities! Love the anthropomorphized hair-products - I just realized that's twice in ten minutes that I've typed that word in a comment, when I rarely use that word...
Hmm, I'm not sure if it's a synchronicity if you produce the word yourself!
I'm so happy for you that everything seems to be progressing towards you making the trip to Ireland - I would love to see a picture of two of my favorite bloggers together, can that be arranged as well?

Caroline said...

Hmm... my comment just disappeared... this a test...

Caroline said...

Tinker the Terrier who unearths new meanings where none has been seen before...

Are you suggesting that iko uko means "listen - you are!"?

And yes its a synchronicity when you spot two things that bring up the same association for you. If you go around using the same word just because its your word of the day that would be different.

Which word was it?


Tony LaRocca said...

Those are all so cute... like they're all going to start singing & dancing with each other!

Tinker said...

Yep, you guessed the winning word correctly!

Caroline said...

Tony Larocca - just like the hairdressers themselves then!

Terri / tinker - :-)