Thursday, June 08, 2006


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Another picture from my past - these are a few of the carefully painted and rather imaginative orchids from my teens. At the time I'd only seen orchids in books or the native British ones which are not like this at all.

There were quite a few with colour schemes that I really didn't want to put on my blog!

Something else I used to draw all the time but are now largely absent from my pictures are cats and elephants.

What were your favourite childhood animals or plants? Did you draw them then?


Ian russell said...

birds and mythological beasts, though i didn't do many drawings.
my favourite animals were found in ponds - we were a merry band of itinerant pond dippers. we travelled about, not the ponds).
i also had a brief fascination with mosses.

Anonymous said...

I remember drawing violets; daisies; waterlilies and frogs; horses - lots and lots of horses, and I can hardly remember now when I last drew a horse.
I still draw elephants and cats (though not necessarily in the same drawing - though maybe I should try that sometime...)
Love all the color variations in your orchids.

Caroline said...

Ian - I still love ponds - we have one which is full of weird life forms! I'd like to see a travelling pond... Mosses? Oh I've not been into them but I can see they might be fun... my sister loved liverworts!

Tinker - wonderful! - flowers and frogs I did too but not horses - did you ride? The orchids I didn't post had some very disparate colour schemes - maybe I should overcome my adult prejudice to them...

Cream said...

Caro, they look really good. I also like Buddha's tears and your T.shirt designs...

Susan Schwake said...

caroline, i always love visiting your blog. thank you for stopping by mine. i adore the fancy plants. isn't it fun to revisit early drawings? i liked to draw flowers of all sorts. was that because i was growing up in the 60s? cats and horses were favourites too.
now where are those now?

Anonymous said...

Oh these are so good! I love them Caro!! They reminde me of the drawings by Pierre Joseph Redoute.
Really lovely hon.

melba said...

Because I am the youngest of 4, I was a bit of a copy cat. I really looked up to my sister who was 3 years older and very good at drawing things correctly and coloring inside the lines. I on the other hand have always been messy. So I would try to copy stuff she did, but mostly I remember liking to use a lot of color and making designs. My sister also would create projects for us to do. I remember once we made a doll house with furniture and dolls out of construction paper and tissues and staples. When I close my eyes I can see the orange couch with staples all over it. It is actually a very nice memory.

Caroline said...

Cream - thanks - I had a lot more patience then that I seem to have now ;-)

Susan - thank you - I've got quite a few clearly 60s style flowers amongst the ones I did... it would be fun to see yours if you find them

Andrea - thank you - I've just looked up Pierre Joseph Redoute and he does beautiful flowers! Thank you for the compliment!

Melba - my sister copied all my pictures and my mother said they were better! I bet yours were good too.

andrea said...

How sensitively done. Very book illustration-y. You showed a precocious talent!

susanlavonne said...

I love the way you use color! These orchids are terrific and I cannot believe you did them when you were just a

Joy Eliz said...

These are beautiful!!!
Also, I could stare at 'Buddha's Tears' for hours!!!
I don't remember drawing any one thing in particular. I don't really remember drawing or doing art unless it was in school...Very strange now that I think of it.
I think it was a fear of expression kind of thing.

Caroline said...

Andrea - thank you - I'm rather glad I found them - I did so much painting and drawing but surprisingly little has survive - I thank I gave away almost everything that worked.

Susanlavonne - my mother said I was a better artist before I went to school and learnt how not to draw!

Joy Eliz - thank you - I bet you did some that you've forgotten - I wouldn't have remembered these if I hadn't still got them.